Michael-240887 12:38 29 Sep 2008

I ordered a computer from Mesh on 28th August 2008, delivery was so slow that I had to cancel the order because they wanted to deliver it while I was away on business. Today is 29th September and they have still not refunded my credit card, despite me cancelling the order on 11th September. Customer Services say Sales are dealing with it and Sales say Customers Services deal with refunds. They never return my calls and ignore e-mails. Tomorrow, I am issuing a County Court Summons against them using click here Then they can pay some court fees and interest too. I suggest everyone who is treated like this by Mesh does the same.

  ened 13:17 29 Sep 2008

It is only four weeks from placing the order.

Don't you think you are being a bit hasty?

  Michael-240887 13:26 29 Sep 2008

No I do not think it is a 'bit hasty' Mesh have kept my money for a month and failed to return it, ignore my requests for it's return and throbbed me off by saying that it is dealt with by different departments. Failed to respond to e-mails and telephone calls. If you think that is reasonable then why don't you send me some of your money that I can keep interest free for a month?

  interzone55 14:50 29 Sep 2008

How did you cancel the order.

Section 8.1 of their terms and conditions states that all orders must be confirmed in writing.

"All cancellations must be confirmed in writing or durable notice and clearly addressed to: DEPT CS 2000. MESH Computers Ltd, Mesh House, No 1, The Oxgate Centre, Oxgate Lane, London, NW2 7JA. The written cancellation will become effective on the date of sending."

Without proof that you have cancelled the order in writing you may have a problem bring an action in the Small Claims Court.

  Dizzy Bob 14:51 29 Sep 2008

Your court action may be a little early.

I believe that in law, they have 30 days to return your money.

You may need to wait another couple of weeks before issuing procedings (and may not have to, if they refund within the 30 days)

It may also be easier to involve your cc company under section 75 of the consumer credit act, than issuing proceedings, as they may well return the money and charge back to Mesh.

Of course, you may do what you wish, but my suggestions may be simpler.



  interzone55 14:51 29 Sep 2008

"Section 8.1 of their terms and conditions states that all orders must be confirmed in writing."

That of course should say all Cancellations must be confirmed in writing...

  Michael-240887 14:58 29 Sep 2008

It was cancelled in writing by e-mail, by fax and by telephone, they also confirmed in writing on the 12th that the order was cancelled and that they would refund the money. They have not and now are ignoring all requests. I think I will win my court case and Mesh will incur legal costs plus interest.

  ened 15:58 29 Sep 2008

"confirmed in writing on the 12th"

If you read this forum at all it has been stated enough times by FE and others - or you could even check for yourself - that they have 30 days to return the money to your card.

I think that by kicking up a fuss after two weeks you are being ridiculous and, anyway, why come to the Forum?

They haven't done anything wrong yet!

  iscanut 16:23 29 Sep 2008

30 day rule applies..I do not think you will win your case unless more than 30 days have elapsed and still no refund.

  Pine Man 16:24 29 Sep 2008

'I ordered a computer from Mesh on 28th August 2008...and cancelled it on 11th September'

That's TWO WEEKS!!

See below from the Mesh T&C's

delivery dates are estimated as being no less than 6 days after the Scheduled date of Manufacturing and no more than 30 days after the date of payment.

Methinks you were a bit on the hasty side with your cancellation and equally as impatient with your expectations for a refund - 30 days maximum!!

  Ashrein 16:30 29 Sep 2008

Why didn't you just let Mesh deliver the computer when you came back from your business trip? and there would have been none of this hassle of cancelling your order.
I think you just changed your mind on this new computer.

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