Mesh Computers appalling service

  Biggles4863 00:43 29 Jan 2010

I'm a middle aged, non-teckie, mild mannered, non-complaining average Joe that is about to have a Michael Douglas 'Falling Down' moment due to the 6 months of hell with Mesh 'award winning' Computers. This will be a long post as it is done as much for my own therapy as for any other reason.

To date, my experience of Mesh 'Award Winning' Computers to date, is as follows:

1. After reading various 'best buy' articles in PC Advisor magazine and the like, decide to replace my old Dell, and order a computer online feeling very excited about getting a new machine from Mesh.
2. After two weeks, politely enquire when it might arrive. Told it will be with me the following week - excellent, can't wait!
3. After 6 weeks, with mild frustration, start complaining and be told it was waiting for parts and it would be with me soon.
4. Offered, after complaining again and threatening to cancel order, and through gritted customer service teeth, a years free license for Bulldog Anti Virus...crack open the Champagne to celebrate Mesh's corporate kindness.
5. Eventually get the computer...I'm happy,..the wait was worth it. Nothing can beat the feeling unpacking a new computer...except getting a new car..and perhaps the birth of my children. No speakers, as ordered, and told they would be sent separately...which they were, one month later. Sound is over rated so no big deal.
6. After 3 days, the computer stops working...spend 3 hours on the phone to a very helpful technician in Mumbai, battling the crackling line and broken English. For the first time in my life, Mr Mumbai had me opening up the machine and pulling apart components, wiping things, blowing things, unclipping and reclipping things. Nothing worked.
7. Eventually, I convince him that it hasn't fixed the machine and I need to send it back.
8. A week later, the computer is picked up.
9. Two weeks later, I get the computer back...fixed...motherboard or something. Great, put my bad luck down to experience, and time to get on with my life as it was, pre Mesh 'Award Winning' Computers.
10. Chase your customer service twice for free Bulldog license, which, surprisingly yet predictably, hadn't arrive. Eventually, it did arrive....twice.
11. A couple of weeks later, computer breaks again (blue screen), back on the phone for two hours to India, screwdriver out again, and we decide the thing is broken again and needs to be picked up.,
12. Another two weeks wait for computer to be fixed and returned. Another component fault with some board or card or chip or something.
13. A whole 3 weeks followed of hassle free Mesh computing...
14. Returned home one evening to smell burning and hear a noise that sounded like someone was killing our cat. It turned out to be the Mesh 'Award Winning' Computer killing an innocent DVD and nearly burning the house down in the process.
15. Checked with other DVDs and yes, the computer has once again broken with a hardware fault.
16. Told, by Mesh that I couldn't have a refund and that the machine had to come back to verify it was faulty before it could be replaced. I offered to let them hear a CD being demolished by their computer over the phone as evidence but this was not acceptable. Despite my protestations that I would be without a computer for weeks, having, by now, become familiar with 'the Mesh way', I was assured that it would only be for a few days.
17. Guess what, I have now been without a computer for 2 weeks.

I just want a computer that works, like every other computer that I have owned since my ZX Spectrum in 1985. I don't want to speak to an Indian mechanical engineering gradutate for hours on end, I don't want to hack into the internal workings of my computer with a screwdriver, I don't want to become personal friends with Dave, the DPD driver, who commented when he last picked up my computer (for the 3rd time), with a grin, that 'I bet you wish you'd just bought one from Comet!!' I don't want to spend my evenings penning really long emails to Andre, my Mesh customer service buddy, even though I'm sure he's a really nice guy doing his best...he might even have awards.

I've done many customer facing jobs in my career, and I know, full well that certain customers are a total pain in the ar$e, and Mesh may well put me in that category. I just want to be treated like I matter to them even a tiny bit!

Rant over...

  square eyes 01:32 29 Jan 2010

I feel for you. I had my first pc from Mesh over 7 years ago and had similar problems, but i never ended up sending the computer back to them. I was too afraid after the experince i had to give it back. Luckily for me, there were no hardware faults, but as i was new to computers i was clueless to what was a software and what was hardware fault.

When you get the pc back, keep it! If a dvd drive goes bang, then suggest to Mesh you send the dvd drive only. Ok, so you will need to go in there with a screwdriver, but its better than being without the thing. They obvioulsy havent changed much with theri customer services, and please, only as a last resort, talk to a technician in Mumbai. They're not technicians, they're just guys with no particular training or qualification in computing, they just have a bit of paper in front of them, reading out things like, Remove this, remove that, unplug those, carry your pc out into the garden and plug in direct to a telegraph pole, and then ask if they can help you with anything else on this fine day! Hehe, you got me going now.

If you can post your problems here in the help section, id prefer your chances than dealing with Mesh. If something goes wrong, and its technical, send the part back only. If its software and driver issues, then HERE is the place to fix those. Good luck, I will say one thing though, my pc containted quality hardware, they're products are great, when they get to you and work fine

  961 09:19 29 Jan 2010

No doubt Davey will be along shortly to mop up the pieces, but in the meantime....

When did you actually take delivery of this computer?

I can't agree that you should start dismantling bits of the computer to send back. In my opinion you shouldn't be in there at all because, sooner or later, someone will suggest it's your little screwdriver that has caused the damage to stop the thing working. Quite apart from that hardware faults frequently involve more than one bit

  Hercule Marple 09:55 29 Jan 2010

Davey, I summon thee!

  tillybaby 10:07 29 Jan 2010

Although the problem is very serious, I must admit to laughing at the way you wrote about the whole scenario......sorry,

All I can say is thank goodness for forums like this one so that many of us can avoid making the same mistake and I also wish you all the luck in the world too.

  ame 10:21 29 Jan 2010

I too feel very sorry for you indeed. Agree with 961 - not a good idea to go inside a pc which is presumably "under warranty" and espacially if you are not a 'tekkie' as you can do more damage and/or get an electric shock. It may be time soon to consider whether you can reject this machine as not fit for purpose or not of merchantable quality. It reminds me of Friday afternoon cars...
I wish you all the best.

  MESH Support 12:12 29 Jan 2010

You *do* matter and I am very sorry to read of your experience going from bad to worse as it has. It seems those you have been in contact with have focussed more on resolving the problem rather than telling you that though for which I also apologise.

I note from our records that in order to ensure any problems are resolved we've agreed to replace the system and that the system is currently with our Service Centre.

My interference at this late stage would have little purpose although I will check with the Service Centre regarding the current delay with your replacement, and have them contact you with an update.


  961 13:51 29 Jan 2010


  ame 15:35 29 Jan 2010

Credit where it's due. Glad to hear it's getting resolved.

  Biggles4863 16:19 29 Jan 2010

...for messages of support; a problem shared...etc etc. As a forum virgin...I could get quite used to's quite empowering isn't it!

To answer a couple of points, I very nervously went into the machine under guidence from the helpdesk guy but agree that I could do more damage than good if I took it upon myself to change bits. I'm sure 'ame' is right and I've been unlucky and I've got a Friday afternoon machine, and I fully accept that components can fail and I'm sure my 'new' machine will be better. My bigger issues are that communication from Mesh has been poor, they're difficult to get hold of, they don't seem that bothered that they've messed up, and I haven't had the impression that my experience is a particularly new one for them to deal with. I firmly believe that good companies can actually increase customer loyalty from failures by how they choose to deal with thse failures from a customer service perspective e.g. we've all complained about a dodgy meal but been totally impressed by how it was handled.

Davey, I hope your input can help ensure I'm communicated with, and am told when I will get a replacement computer. I emailed Andre (who I'm sure has my face pinned to the company dartboard) yesterday with the same diatribe that I posted here and have yet to get a reply.


  cablefairy 11:29 23 Mar 2010

I feel your pain Biggles.

22nd December. We bought an Award Winning Computer System from Mesh in December as a Christmas Present for my gaming mad wife and Mesh took payment immediately.

22nd January. The computer was delivered on the, and set it up the following day to let it acclimatise to its living conditions. It failed within 5 minutes of being switched on, but after a few restarts it managed to struggle into life. We had to phone those nice people in India as the drives were not mapped. My wife got down to her games but almost immediately it crashed again, and I was on the phone to India again. We were apparently using the wrong lead from the computer to the monitor and as we were using an old monitor decided to purchase a new one from Dell, which arrived the following day.
The problem persisted with the computer crashing at “switch on” so back on the phone to India, this time we had apparently plugged the monitor into the wrong output port on the twin video cards.
With the lead in the correct port my wife got back to her game, and not long after it crashed again, every time the machine was switched on from cold it crashed. After a few more calls to those helpful people in India it was decided to send the machine back to be repaired.

17th February. The package was supposed to be picked up, but for some unknown reason the driver could not find my house and did not arrive until the following day. We were told that he repair would take 3 to 5 days, but arrived back on the 2nd March, not in the pristine box it had been sent in but one which had more air miles than an airline pilot.

The computer was switched on- it crashed within a minute exactly as it was doing before it was sent back. We deciphered the repair docked and found out that they had reconfigured the OS. I phoned London and was immediately put on the waiting list for a technician in India, who decided that I would have to reinstall Windows, I am afraid in despair I put the phone down as it was obvious they were clutching at straws.

4th March. We wrote to Mesh requesting that they take our computer back and give us a full refund.

5th March. A phone call from Mesh London persuaded us to let them send a technician to our home to repair the fault, then on the following Monday another call when we did a little fault finding. Once again we were told 3 to 5 days for the tech to arrive.

18th March. The technician arrived and tested the drives but could find nothing wrong so the SSD was changed and the computer switched on, almost immediately it crashed. After various testing he concluded that it was none of the parts that Mesh had provided but was probably either a faulty mother board or the processor. Mesh was informed and they said it had to be returned and would treat it as a priority.

20th March. The Yellow shipping label arrived.

22nd March. Phoned to arrange pickup; not until tomorrow sometime between 0900 and 1800; so here I sit for the fourth day awaiting a knock on the door.

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