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  mikcara 09:40 12 Jun 2011

I recently purchasd an upgrade to my Mesh computer on the 18th May and sent it to Mesh to complete the job.I received a confirmation e-mail for my order and it was and still is "in process"under my orders.Will they do the job?I realise I can claim back the cost as it paid by credit card,but if the job isn't going to be completed how do I get my computer back as I live in N Scotland I can't just "nip in" and pick it up.I have sent e-mails and phoning is a "nightmare"noone wants to answer the phone!Advice to this problem greatly appreciated.

  onthelimit1 11:25 12 Jun 2011

If you check other posts about Mesh, you will see that they have ceased trading.

  Forum Editor 12:23 12 Jun 2011

The company is in the hands of the administrator, but your computer remains your property, and you should contact the administrator immediately via email, with full details. Be warned that it may be a few days before you hear anything.

MacIntyre Hudson New Bridge Street House 30-34 New Bridge Street London EC4V 6BJ

Fax: 020 7248 8939

Email: [email protected]

  mikcara 14:52 12 Jun 2011

Thanks very much for the advice I will do as you suggested,I don't suppose the would have been done?Its very annoying that Mesh did'nt do the decent thing before taking the money!

  mikcara 14:55 12 Jun 2011

Sorry I meant to say I don't suppose they would have finished the job.

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