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  Fatbelly 12:43 28 Jan 2010

Yes its MESH time again. I have got two things to report.

Firstly before Christmas I ordered a PC from them that I had configured myself thought their custom build option. The price and spec that I had ordered were excellent and I awaited delivery.

On three separate occasions MESH let me down with delivery, each time saying it would be with me tomorrow. I told MESH each time that to receive the PC I would have to take time off work and lose money, this i accept is my responsibility.
After the third none delivery i cancelled my order and guess what when i ordered it took two minutes for MESH to get the money from my account but it took them over a week to refund the same amount.

After cancelling the order i looked at PC world type places and none of them could match the price and spec of MESH so last week with trepidation i again ordered a PC from MESH but this time i purchased a pre built 'Ready To Ship' machine. Well this time it did arrive when they said it would, i had ordered some extras from MESH which did not turn up but an email to their customer service dept which was answered the same day got me my extra goodies the next day.

So i have had two very different experiences with MESH within the space of one month. What annoyed me on the first occasions was their communications which were in my opinion very poor, when i rang they said they would ring back and they didn't and kept saying that i would get an email when delivery would take place despite me saying on NUMOROUS occasions that my old PC was broke and I could not access email until my new machine arrived.

The second experience with them was fine they delivered when they said they would and within 24 hours put right an incomplete order.

In my opinion MESH could easily be the best Online / Phone seller of PC's in the UK if they just sorted out communications and deliveries. Thier machines are good and their prices excellent.

  birdface 13:12 28 Jan 2010

I have to agree with you on that one.
The biggest problem seems to be the lack of communication.
Get that fixed and they will work their way back to the top again.

  961 13:48 28 Jan 2010

"In my opinion Mesh could easily be the best..seller of PCs in the UK if they just sorted out communications and deliveries. Their machines are good and their prices excellent"

Having been a Mesh customer I echo that and I am sure that many PC Advisor readers will agree with you

Can anyone suggest why, after all these years, they don't sort it once and for all?

  HondaMan 14:20 28 Jan 2010

Problem at all. I have just bought a new Mesh computer. See here click here

The computer has worked faultlessly since it was first switched on and although I have had a few problems with drivers and similar things, all of which have been cured except one, I am thoroughly happy with my purchase.

  ame 14:43 28 Jan 2010

What's so difficult to understand? You ordered with "trepidation" but have been very satisfied so far. Others have not - click here for what can happen when things do go wrong. [Perhaps there should be a special MESH forum??!]

  HondaMan 15:31 28 Jan 2010

There is!

  2bathred 16:39 28 Jan 2010

this was going on 3 years ago when i bought my Mesh. Make my own now and know that what is in the box is what I want.

  Newuser2173 17:23 28 Jan 2010

I ordered a Mesh Matrix 11 5870XT on Nov.18th and I am still waiting to have
a working PC from Mesh. I received the above PC late on Xmas eve after waiting 5 weeks, after unpacking and setting it up I could see there were problems. It was too late to do anything about this, Xmas holidays had started and I was also going away on Boxing Day for over two weeks. On my return I spent a week on and off with
Technical support before they would give me a RMA.They suspect a faulty graphics card. I returned the PC in person to Mesh on the 18 Jan. I have phoned the service centre every day, all I am told is that they have up to 21 working days to be on target with a repair. I am not impressed with Mesh, nobody will apologise for this poor state of affairs.Below is the letter that accompanied the PC that explains the problems, a copy of this letter was also sent to Tony Riccardi, Director, but he sees fit not to reply…

Dear Sirs

As authorised by your help desk staff on Saturday morning, I am returning my recently purchased PC for attention to the follow problem.

The thin horizontal lines usually appear after the PC has been in sleep mode but can appear at any time, some times not only on the desktop but within a new window that has been opened.
Refreshing the desktop sometimes makes the lines disappear or they may just move up and down and change size.
The problem happens with the original drivers loaded by Mesh and also updated drivers downloaded from the ATI web site.
An image of how these lines look is on the desktop IMG_3388.
Also, at times, the screen will go blank displaying NO SIGNAL and then DVI. When the display returns there is a message “ATI Radeon display drivers have stopped responding but have now recovered”.
Another indication that all is not as it should be when playing Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, the graphics card is having difficulty rendering some of the scenes.
This should not be happening with a graphics card of this calibre.

For the record, I wish to point out that I was most dissatisfied with the condition in which I originally received the PC. On starting the it I was informed that there was no operating system to boot from so I needed to install windows from the disc – surely one can expect the system to be already installed. When the PC was up and running I could see only one hard drive instead of the two I had specified – on removing the side of the machine I found the two hard drives had indeed been fitted but the power cable was disconnected from the second hard drive. I reconnected the cable, rebooted and was amazed to find the operating system, installed by Mesh, on the smaller hard drive – the one I had requested as an extra. I expected the system to be installed on the larger of the two drives, as detailed in your specification. This I would like rectified while it’s in your care.

What concerns me is that due to your backlog of orders, this PC was hastily assembled without proper care and this comes as quite a shock to me especially as I paid extra for ‘engineer configuration’. This apparent lack of care is not what I would expect from an “award winning company”. I waited an extra 3 weeks on the normal delivery time due to the shortage of ATI Radeon 5870 graphics cards and since then have had one problem after another. I understand that the short supply of graphics cards is beyond your control but you must realise how frustrated and disappointed I am now to be without the machine again.

End of letter.

  GaT7 18:15 28 Jan 2010

Hi Newuser2173, it would be a good idea to start your own thread.

And you could email Davey at MESH about your problem - see the MESH Support post on Fri, 22/01/[email protected]:28 for more details in this thread click here.

All the best with it. G

  Newuser2173 19:33 28 Jan 2010

Ok thanks, have started new thread,have also posted on Mesh owners forum on the the Mesh website

  ame 10:01 29 Jan 2010

I meant a special MESH forum on here, not MESH's website, as you probably know. I was just joking of course. As buteman suggested in the other thread, MESH would be well advised to add £5 (or more) to the cost of their pc's to improve their customer service, despite the tightness of margins in the industry. Their prices seem more than competitive. If they did that and greatly reduced the complaints levels, they would get more customers - including me!

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