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  FleetwoodMarc 10:23 14 Apr 2008

So I ordered a Mesh PC last friday. However, this morning after browsing the internet, I have come across many a horror story about their PC's and after sale support. Nearly all these stories date back to 2005/2006. I have checked consumerwatch, going back 2 months and have seen no complaints on here. Anyway, should I phone up and cancel straight away, or have they improved over recent years. Also, not sure if people on here would know the answer to this, but If I did cancel my order, and bearing in mind I have been agreed for credit and sent off the documents confirming the credit agreement, would this have an adverse effect on my credit rating?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as Im quite worried at the moment

  anchor 10:50 14 Apr 2008

We used to see quite a number of complaints about Mesh on these PCA forums.

However thinking about it, these have been very few and far between over the last year or so.

Moreover, as was pointed out in the past, Mesh produce a large volume of computers, and thus were likely to have more dissatisfied customers than companies who sell less. The proportion may have well been similar.

Perhaps members with Mesh equipment may like to comment further.

  HondaMan 10:50 14 Apr 2008
  €dstowe 11:00 14 Apr 2008

It would be interesting for us if you could relate your experiences (good or bad) with your transaction - just to show everyone how Mesh may have improved.

  FleetwoodMarc 11:11 14 Apr 2008

Thanks for your replies people.

At the moment I think I will go ahead with the purchase and see what happens. I will report in due course how I get on. Fingers crossed :)

  donki 12:06 14 Apr 2008

I am an increadably happy Mesh customer, my Pc is over two years old and the whole process of placing my order to recieving the delivery went smoothly, computer was up and running in minutes and have never had a problem. The componets in them are all top quality and are very well built. I ahev since upgraded the GFX card and had no problems whatsoever. I hope your as happy as i was.

  tillybaby 14:34 14 Apr 2008

Because of all the bad press Mesh received over the past years I think many people haven't bothered to order off them and that's why there aren't many reviews anymore,

I too have a Mesh which was bought in 2004 and I must say it hasn't caused me any problems at all, I have now bought a new one off Cougar but my Mesh is still going strong, my son uses it everyday still,

Good luck and I do hope you too have a good experience with them.

  Binnacle 14:35 14 Apr 2008

All I can say to you is that I am typing this on my Mesh PC which I bought nearly five tears ago and given me great service. My son also has a Mesh PC and is equally pleased .
I will be replacing my machine in the near future and Mesh is on the top of my shortlist.

  Stuartli 14:54 14 Apr 2008

Only experience with buying a Mesh system (on behalf of a friend) was an excellent one - the system is nearly four years old now and hasn't missed a beat to date.

  scotty 15:31 14 Apr 2008

I saw this interesting article this weekend:

click here

After sales support may be in question!

  Pine Man 16:58 14 Apr 2008

On my second Mesh. The first was about 8 years ago and the present one, Vista based, about 14 months ago. No problems with either computer or any of the pre and after sales service from Mesh.

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