INCOGNITO44 18:26 02 Apr 2006

Has anyone noticed that MESH laptops run very hot? I've had to buy an external cooling docking station to keep mine to a reasonable level. Has anyone else had similar problems?

  ittech247 12:03 06 Apr 2006

Most fast laptops run hot due to the heat not getting out via the fans, it's a flaw with most of them. You can always run it from the mains without the battery in, that will take some of the heat away.

It's just part of the joy of owning a laptop, try something like everest to check what the temps are?

  Totally-braindead 12:08 06 Apr 2006

I've not much experience with laptops but the ones I have used do tend to run rather hot. One thing that is important is to have the laptop on a smooth flat surface, not lying on a carpet or a bed etc when in operation as this will cover the vents in the bottom of the casing and make it run even hotter.

  Skills 12:16 06 Apr 2006

I aggree with totally-braindead never use a laptop on your lap as the intake and exit vents get blocked. Also if your using it on the mains remove the battery from its compartment as those charging produces heat and if there fully charged then leaving them in when your plugged in can seriously effect there life span.

  Saali Chuud 14:25 06 Apr 2006

Yes, I have, mine is a Pentium4 3.4Ghz 1.0GB RAM which I purchased a year ago,It use to get extremly HOT and shutdown in the first couple of months. I got one of these USB cooling fan where the monitor end is resting about an inch from the flat surface. This helped and the shutdowns became less frequent.

About 10 months after purchasing, it totally died, sent it back to MESH and on return, it was again running very hot and the monitor display started distorting to a stage where it was not possible to see what was on the screen. Sent it back again to MESH. They replaced the Motherboard and CPU and it is now back, working fine now , hot but lot less. Hope it stays fine and not turn into a lemon purchase.

Good Luck

  ade.h 18:20 06 Apr 2006

A good laptop should stay fairly cool and the fan should really only trigger occasionally. Without knowing what specification (CPU, HDD, graphics card) that you are referring to, I can't comment more specifically.

  StainlessStan 19:47 08 Apr 2006

My year old Toshiba laptop was running VERY hot and the fan was permanently on. When I checked the processes running (Ctrl/Alt/Del) I found a process called WinXpDisableZeroConfig (or something like that) was hogging the processor. I disabled this processor et Voila, instant drop in temperature and fan cuts in and out as it should. The moral? Check background programs before blaming the laptop.

  StainlessStan 19:49 08 Apr 2006

Should read "I disabled this process". Silly Moi.

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