Mesh Computers

  MeshVictim 20:07 05 Jul 2005

Mesh Computers
Hi All :)
I work in the same Council Department as Trading Standards, but even with their advice from the day my system arrived, I have been unable to get a refund from Mesh for a PC costing £1229-45 which I ordered on 9th February 2005. I have suffered a four and a half month nightmare which was only ended by the excellence of my credit card company, The Cooperative Bank. A brief summary follows, it is similar to many other stories about Mesh posted on computer forums, so if you are after help and advice regarding your problems with Mesh then skip my boring rant and look at the info which follows.
? System delivered a day late, scratch on base unit and extremely noisy.
? Mesh Technical Support agreed system was too noisy and they promised Mesh Service Centre would ring me to discuss remedy and would repair scratch. I agreed, but reserved my rights under Distance Selling Regulations by letter.
? Mesh Service Centre did not ring me, returned system to me without any notice, as noisy as before with the scratch still there.
? Mesh Technical Support apologised and said they would rebuild the system so it would be fit for purpose this time.
? I declined and asked for my money back under Sale of Goods Act as system was not fit for purpose, but would have probably accepted lesser refund under Distance Selling Regulations just to have the matter settled quickly.
? Mesh Customer Service repeatedly refused to accept the return of the system and denied receiving my letter reserving my rights under Distance Selling Regulations, despite the fact I had received a reply to it from Mesh Technical Support.
? I paid for the return of system to Mesh on 19th May, they did not acknowledge receipt.
? The Cooperative Bank refunded me the £30-78 carriage cost.
? Mesh Customer Service wrote to me on 23rd June, over a month after receiving the system back, and despite Technical Support offering to rebuild the system to make it fit for purpose, Customer Service now said there was nothing wrong with it after all, refused a refund and insisted I arrange to have it redelivered. They also added, “If after 14 days no contact has been made we will commence invoicing you for storage costs as per our terms and conditions without any further notification”.
? The Cooperative Bank took the view I had suffered enough and was entitled to a refund and returned my £1229-45 to bring my four and a half month nightmare to an end.
? Long delays getting through on the telephone to Mesh meant I incurred a bill of over £20-00.
? No response from Mesh to any of the twelve emails I sent.
? No acknowledgement or response from Mesh to four of the letters I sent.
If you buy from Mesh, you may get a system you are happy with, but if they send you a bummer you are in for a nightmare with their Customer Service. If you are thinking of buying from Mesh, try ringing their Customer Service on 0870 046 8340 and see how long you have to wait to get through. You will have to ring that number over and over and over again if they send you a bummer. Also remember I had an entire Council Trading Standards staff just along the corridor from where I work to advise me from the day my system was delivered, but I still failed to get the refund I was entitled to under both The Sale of Goods Act and The Distance Selling Regulations.

A Mesh Computer isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for Life ……. you may never get a refund !!!!!!!!!

  MeshVictim 20:09 05 Jul 2005

Mesh Help
1. Legislation.
There are three pieces of legislation relevant :-
(a) Distance Selling Regulations, this allows you to send goods back and obtain a refund for any reason within seven working days of delivery. The firm are allowed to charge for collection.
(b) Sale of Goods Act, this allows you to obtain a full refund if goods are not “fit for purpose”.
(c) Consumer Credit Act, this means, if the firm is disreputable and wrongly refuse to refund you, your credit card company may refund you and then they will recover the money from the firm.
2. Trading Standards.
Mesh are in the London Borough of Brent click here close to the border with Barnet click here and the call centre for the London Boroughs Trading Standards is Consumer Direct London (CDL) on 08454 04 05 06 or 020 8359 2606, they will be able to :-
(a) Give you a quick explanation of the above three pieces of legislation and send you plain english pamphlets for reference.
(b) Send you letter templates to assist in having your problem rectified or obtaining a refund.
(c) Record your complaint to add to others already on file.
(d) Give you advice on how to proceed with your particular problem.
(e) Possibly arrange for Brent Trading Standards to take up your particular problem with Mesh.
(f) Further info click here and click here
3. Credit Card Company.
(a) Let them know as soon as possible that you have a problem, although they are only really interested when you have asked for a refund.
(b) Provide them with evidence you have returned the goods.
(c) The firm are allowed 30 days after the return of the goods to refund your money, if they do not and do not dispute your entitlement to a refund then on Day 31 your Credit Card Company should refund you.
(d) If the firm does dispute your entitlement to a refund, then they have a further 45 days to prove why you are not entitled to a refund.
(e) It helps a lot if you have a good Credit Card Company, one which genuinely adheres to the principle of behaving ethically and fairly, like The Cooperative Bank.
4. County Court.
If all else fails you may have to use the Small Claims Procedure.
(a) You can find your local County Court from here click here
(b) They will give you straightforward advice on procedure and send you a plain english pamphlet.
(c) You do not need to employ a solicitor.
5. General.
(a) Keep a diary of exactly what happens and when.
(b) Keep details of the agreed system specification, the order, all phone conversations, emails and letters.
(c) Send all important letters by Recorded Delivery.
(d) Consider tape recording all important phone conversations and inform the other party you are doing so.

A Mesh Computer isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for Life ……. you may never get a refund !!!!!!!!!

  MeshVictim 20:11 05 Jul 2005

Mesh Action
Action you can take to help solve the problems at Mesh.
1. During my discussions with Brent Trading Standards I was surprised at how few complaints they have received, so please make sure Brent Trading Standards and Barnet Trading Standards have the details of your complaint, and it would help if you included links to all the forum threads about Mesh Victims you know of in your email and letter.
(a) Phone:- 08454 04 05 06 or 020 8359 2606.
(b) Email :- [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected]
(c) Letter:- F.A.O. Mr. Charles Speed, Trading Standards, Brent Council, Town Hall, Forty Lane, Wembley, HA9 9HD and First Contact at Barnet, Hendon Town Hall, The Burroughs, Hendon, London, NW4 4BG.
2. Let your fellow computer buyers know about your problems by posting on forums like this one.
3. Let the computer magazine publishers know what can happen to Mesh customers, preferably by letter since they will all be inundated by emails :-
(a) CNET Networks UK Ltd, International House, 1 St. Katherines Way, London, E1W 1UN
(b) Dennis Publishing Ltd, 30 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 4JD
(c) VNU <No UK address found>
(d) Future Publishing Ltd., Beauford Court, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW
(e) Haymarket Magazines Ltd, 38-42 Hampton Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 OJE
(f) Live Publishing, Europa House, Adlington Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NP, United Kingdom
Suggested email addresses :-
(a) [email protected]
(b) [email protected]
(c) [email protected]
(d) [email protected]
(e) [email protected]
(f) [email protected]
4. Let the computer magazine editors know what can happen to Mesh customers, preferably by letter since they will all be inundated by emails. You can obtain their contact details from this listing of UK computer magazines :-
click here

A Mesh Computer isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for Life ……. you may never get a refund !!!!!!!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:39 05 Jul 2005

Are you annoyed?

'During my discussions with Brent Trading Standards I was surprised at how few complaints they have received'...can you hear a penny dropping?


  The Spires 08:38 06 Jul 2005

MeshVictim, you do come across as 'on a mission' & over the top. The best way of dealing with a confrontational situation is not getting into a confrontation in the first place.

If you used the same system with MESH as you have in your posting I can understand why they never replied to your twelve emails & many letters. This is not an attack on you just an observation from an outsider.

  MESH Support 09:46 06 Jul 2005

We responded to your most recent letter by post yesterday. You should receive it tomorrow at the latest if not in this mornings post.


Mesh Support

  MeshVictim 21:53 08 Jul 2005

For those Mesh Victims who do not already know, I have just found out there is a Home Authority Officer at the London Borough of Brent Trading Standards who compiles all the complaints about Mesh Computers from victims wherever they live. I would urge all Mesh Victims, past and present, to spend just a few minutes and let her know of your bad experiences of Mesh so that fewer people in the future will have to suffer in the way we have suffered.
Her details are :-
Name: Ms. Paula Anderson.
Phone: 020 8937 5555 for Brent Trading Standards Reception who will put you through to her.
Email: [email protected] with “F.A.O. Ms. Paula Anderson Re: Mesh Computers” as the title of your message.
Letter: F.A.O. Ms. Paula Anderson Re: Mesh Computers, Brent Trading Standards, Quality House, 249 Willesden Lane, Willesden, London, NW2 5JH.

Together we can make a difference.

  Forum Editor 22:23 08 Jul 2005

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