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  joey bloggs 15:40 19 Jan 2005

my cousin on my recommendation bought a pc from them just before xmas the flat screen monitor has a pixel out the colour is green i told her to ring mesh to see were she stands they said basically that 7 has to be out to get a replacement is this the case or could she demand a replacement any help will be grateful thankyou

  anchor 15:50 19 Jan 2005

Mesh have a dedicated PCA forum contact named Davy. I have forgotten his e-mail address, but am sure someone will post it here for you.

  anchor 15:52 19 Jan 2005

Just found it on another thread

[email protected]

  961 16:03 19 Jan 2005

try massaging screen GENTLY with a warm damp cloth around the pixel

  Sir Radfordin 17:31 19 Jan 2005

She will have very little hope of getting a replacement. TFT screens are normally sold as Class 2 which, as you have found, means they can have a number of "dead" or "stuck" pixles before they will be classed as faulty. Class 1 monitors should be 100% functioning but for that you pay a lot more.

As 961 suggests some people have foud that a very gentle massage of the affected area can resolve the problem. Soft cotton wool buds are a suggested tool for this.

  MESH Support 18:01 19 Jan 2005

Unfortunately what Sir Radfordin advises is correct.

Different manufacturers however have differing levels of tolerance before they choose to replace the screens. e.g. some will replace a screen with more than 1 dead pixel as opposed to the full 5/7 that others do.

The best thing to do if 961's advice doesn't work (and it really does work, sometimes) is to try contacting the manufacturer and requesting that they replace the screen. I beleive it was NEC who were replacing the screens with just a single pixel at one point last year.


Mesh Support

  bfoc 18:18 19 Jan 2005

That it can depend on the type and position of faults.

There is a chart of the British Standard and some explanations click here

  961 19:19 19 Jan 2005

..not trying to hijack the thread but good to see you looking in..

Hope things going well

  Starfox 19:33 19 Jan 2005

Yes I was wondering what had happened to you Sir Rad

  ened 06:55 20 Jan 2005

It is all very well for manufacturers to say there has to be seven dead pixels before they will do anything but if I had forked out a goodly sum I would not be happy with even one. The manufacturers are not the ones having to sit in front of it for hours on end.

It is for this reason it is best to buy these products from shops where you can either look at it before you buy or get a verbal undertaking they will change it if there is a problem.

  961 09:16 20 Jan 2005


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