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  target 21:04 03 Jun 2003

In March/April2002 I bought a mesh machine following glowing reports in PCAdviser. Within a few days after arrival it went wrong. The tech help desk diagnosed it as software fault (even th'o I was using the software supplied with the machine). They directed me to the software support line, after many £ were spent, they advised that the fault could not be cured remotely and the machine had to be returned. Eventually I received a machine back that worked.
However this year the machine started to be really slow. I contacted Mesh via e mail and offered to be on line so that they could remotely access my machine and interrogate it. Their response was to use the clean disc facility. This I did and reported back that it took 1.5 hours and the disc was clean. Mesh then emailed me that it was a software problem not covered by their warranty. The machine then crashed totally. I took the machine to a local specialist who quickly diagnosed the problem as a faulty hard drive. Last Wednesday Mesh agreed that the faulty drive should be returned, the return label arrived on saturday, guess what no return/carrier details so I had to ring Mesh, oops it's Saturday No one works on saturdays. Eventually I made contact yesterday and the earliest they could pick it up was today. 7 days have now passed since Mesh authorised the return of the hard disc. I'm awaiting Mesh's report and replacement, but the next argument will be who pays the labour costs of installing the new drive. My view is that Mesh should pay, I took their professional advice that it was a software problem, which they confirmed via email.
The point of this is that Mesh are certainly not perfect but with a few changes their customer relations could be improved beyond measure. What's the point of sending out return labels with no carrier contact No's. Every return has to be via Mesh (tying up phone lines and staff and then) if it happens to be a Saturday, the earlist you can get a pick up is 4 days later. Plus the customer frustration of waiting on Muzak tel lines and waiting days for action.
Mesh you may be the bees knees on technology but until you have some sensible down to earth customer support your customers will continue to suffer frustration and come renewal time they will not return.


  ray27 19:29 05 Jun 2003

I had similar problems (take a look in consumerwatch)
They have rplaced my hard drive and everything looks OK.

You would think they would learn by now that as this industry move,s so fast that we replace our systems on a regular basis so repeat customers are of the upmost importance.

I wonder how many customers of Mesh go there a second time?

Its a pity realy as their sytems are quite well built

  floozie 20:50 05 Jun 2003

I previously had good support from Mesh.
(more recently Dell was lamentable, however).

So - when getting a new desktop I decided to go with Mesh again - especially after this months smashing review in the Power PC chart.

I ordered, and paid by visa, online more than 24 hours ago.
I also e-mailed sales asking for a delivery date estimate as I work away from home frequently.
Despite reading my mail (I got the receipt) - sales haven't got back to me.

It doesn't sound much, I know - but the simple courtesy of a confirmation of my order would have been nice.

If I haven't heard from them soon - I will take my money elsewhere. Pity - as they make good machines.
But so do others........

  target 21:21 05 Jun 2003

Update - Nothing except a computer minus it's hard drive sitting in a corner.


  MESH Response 09:06 06 Jun 2003

If you could post us your respective order numbers to [email protected] will give you an update as regards to your concerns.

Floozie, if you have not received your order number yet, please supply address details with post code please.

Regards - MESH Response

  floozie 10:32 06 Jun 2003

I never received an order number/confirmation/delivery estimation.
I had requested this ASAP in my special notes in the on-line order form.

As I still haven't received any communication from Mesh Sales whatsoever - I have just now cancelled my order.

It strikes me there is something inherently wrong with a company whose sales department cannot deal with what is a simple fundamental courtesy - let alone enquiry.

It is good to see that Mesh are reading and taking note of consumer complaints in forums like these -
but the situation is totally uneccessary with a decent sales department.
If I cannot get simple basic information now - what chnace have I of getting aftercare support should anything go wrong?

  MESH Response 14:24 06 Jun 2003

Please accept our apologies for not communicating the confirmation of your order previously. We do take your purchase extremely seriously and were to send out confirmation of order to you tonight with an estimated dispatch date. We will endeavour to contact you today concerning your order and hope to reassure you about the intended production of your PC.

Again, please accept our apologies and we hope to contact you this afternoon concerning this matter.

Kind Regards

MESH Response

  target 17:18 06 Jun 2003

Just heard from Mesh that my replacement hard drive will be sent out pm today (friday). However the company say that they have no policy to reimburse me for the costs I incurred when I followed their professional advice and took the machine to a third party. This was only done as Mesh sent me an email stating that it was a software fault.
It was the third party who were able to prove that Mesh were in error and it was a hard ware fault.

I feel that as I offered Mesh every opportunity to examine my machine and then took their professional advice I have a claim against them for professional negligence.

I shall be taking this further and will keep the notice board up to date on developments.


  floozie 21:13 06 Jun 2003

Target - glad to see you've made some headway at least.

No one got back to me this afternoon.

What exactly is Mesh Response?

It would seem they are the trouble-shooting branch of customer service?

  target 21:41 06 Jun 2003

Floozie - Thanks for the message. Yes making some sort of progress, but the machine has been out of action for nearly two weeks. And of course it's the frustration that really makes one mad. Shouldn't be surprised in my efforts to get the labour costs reimbursed that I end up at the small claims court (again). First time I used it I was really nervous, but it was very straightforward and I won. The defending company approached me on the court steps and asked if I wanted to settle, I said No, I had written realms of letters with no response and now I was going to have my day in court.
Again it was a lack of service (in another field). I feel that in many ways companies expect a fair number of people to drop by the way side and of course if they do the company has "won" a small victory and saved some costs. However if any company does not treat their customers fairly, then the level of repeat business drops off.
The most common complaint about Mesh seem to be their remoteness, it's like banging your head against a brick wall when you are trying to deal with them. They make machines for people but treat the people as machines.

Best of luck with your new system, whoever supplies it.


  target 21:53 06 Jun 2003

Floozie - If you are looking for a mainstream supplier, reading the threads in some of these communications, Evesham seem to come out well in customer surveys. May be worth investigating.


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