Mesh - Buyers beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  bigbaddom01 16:04 11 Aug 2006

I had a post a while age about buying a computer from Mesh. The spec was Athlon fx 60 processor, 2 gig ram, 2 x 300 gig hard drives, 2 x 512mb 7900 gtx graphics cards (SLI) 20.1 inch monitor,soundblaster x-fi fatality sound card at a cost of around £2800 (which was best price I could get from anyone) I had
about four weeks of problem free use then the main hard drive died on me and I could no longer get anything to come onto the monitor screen (due to faulty graphics card). Mesh sent someone out to take a look at the system and he told me that there was a serious fault with the system and I would need to speak to Mesh. I rang Mesh and they told me to send them the computer back and they would repair it to which I told the a repair was unsatisfactory due to the fact that the computer was only a few weeks old and I wanted a replacement system to which they agreed (at this point my computer had been out of operation for two weeks). I waited for a week and no return labels came so I rang mesh and they said they would send some more. A few days later the labels arrived and I rang Mesh to arrange collection of the PC. Once the computer had been away for a week
I rang Mesh to see when the computer would be coming back and I was told that the i/o panel for the soundcard was out of stock (but pc was built) and not to worry because some were due in and I would have my system soon. Rang a week later and I
was told that my PC case was out of stock but they were due in stock and I would have my PC soon. I questioned this because I was told a week earlier that my system was pretty much built but how could this be if the case was missing??? I was told that I had been miss-informed but that I would have my PC within a week. Rang a week later (sick to death of having to be on hold for 30 mins at a time) and asked when I would be getting my PC to be told that my processor was out of stock but not to worry as I would have my pc within a week. Rang again 4 days later and I was told that the processor was still not in stock. I inform the person I am speaking to that I am getting tired of being messed about and getting fobbed off with lies to which she replies that she needs to speak to her supervisor. When she comes back to the phone she tells me that the processor is in stock (how????) and I will have my pc within the next four days.
PC arrived today and when I open box the pc is silver instead of black!!!!! All of the equipment that came with the pc is black so as you can imagine a big silver box surrounded by black equipment looks a little odd. Anyway I decide to try out the PC so I connect it all up turn it on and would you believe it the American Megatrends bios screen comes on then the pc sterts to make a continuous very loud clicking noise and refuses to boot up. After about a minute of the noise being present the computer resets itself and tries to boot up again with no success. At this point I was fairly livid and decided to ring Mesh. Finally manage to get through to technical support and tell them the problem to which I am told that they would send me the required labels and I would need to send the PC back to them. I tell them that I am very unhappy with their level of service and the fact that the computer I purchased from them has been out of order for longer that it has been in use and that I would like to speak to someone so that I can make a complaint. From this point I am transfered a total of four times and the fourth person I speak to cuts me off!!! I ring back customer services and get cut off a further two times!!!!!! I decide to ring back AGAIN and I tell the person I am speaking to that If I get cut off again I will bring my solicitor into the proceedings. The person I am speaking to asks me for my home phone number and informs me that someone will ring me (today) and deal with my complaint personally. I won't hold my breath

  bigbaddom01 16:04 11 Aug 2006

I am giving some serious thought to sending the whole system back and getting a refund because If I had bought my system from Alienware which was my initial idea, I would have had minimal hassle and
maximum satisfaction (but a lesser spec). At the minute I wish I had never ordered a PC from mesh and I feel that they have my cash they couldn't give a dam.
The Pc has worked for a total of four weeks, been with me but out of order for a fortnight (awaiting a visit from pc technician) and been with mesh for four weeks. It has now been sent back to me (broken and the wrong colour) and I have been told that it will need to be sent back to Mesh and that awaiting labels, sending back to mesh and Mesh sending me working computer back will take a minimum of 2 weeks so for two thirds of the time since delivery day the PC has been useless. I might as well have set the £2800 on fire for all the use it has been.

  Ikelos 16:26 11 Aug 2006

i am sure that when you say "I will bring my solicitor into the procedings" they are hardly going to start running around, just the opposite. a few letters from some money grabbing lawyer will soon come to more than the price of a new PC...

  oresome 17:08 11 Aug 2006

I'm one of those strange people who expect the phone to ring no more than 4 times and then be answered by someone who can deal with the problem.

For that reason alone, I suspect I wouldn't get along with Mesh.

Time to ask for your momey back I think.

  jimmybond 17:35 11 Aug 2006

I know we always get told the old lines about "only unhappy customers report problems...", and "if company A sells x PC's and company B sells y, then you can't compare the complaints...etc" - but really - the number of posts like this, about mesh - it's starting to get silly! Do they sell 1,000 times more PC's than every other manufacturer put together - or is it time to admit their customer service stinks?

I have a Mesh PC at the moment, it's worked flawlessly (almost) for 3 years. Personally though, I wouldn't touch them again with a bargepole, due to the horror stories like bigbaddom's that I've seen on this forum. And no amount of Davey worshiping and speedy forum replies will convince me otherwise.
There is nothing worse than spending a large wad of cash, and being continually fobbed off with excuses and lies (I know I'll get told I can't prove this - but what else can you call it, reading bidbad's post?) it's either that, or they're extremely incompetent)

  MESH Support 17:40 11 Aug 2006

I am deeply sorry to hear of the problems you have experienced and note the extreme frustration in your posting.

If you could please send in your order number(and reference the forum) I would appreciate it so we may assist in the resolution of the issues your have outlined. Please email [email protected]

We are open till 6pm this evening and again on Monday. However the forum will be monitored over the weekend.



  Harpur 22:35 11 Aug 2006


  Ranger 07:49 12 Aug 2006

I would ask for a refund, you have given then]m time to fix the problems you had and they have still got it wrong, another small thing, if you do get a refund the pc parts prices depreciate so quickly you would probably get a higher spec for the same money

  Forum Editor 08:51 12 Aug 2006

and let us know when your problem's been resolved.

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