Mesh Build Quality

  Sloper69 19:22 20 Feb 2007

As mentioned in my previous thread ("Where is Mesh Customer Service?"), I have had a number of problems with my new Mesh machine.

To briefly recap, after having the desktop up and running for a couple of days, the whole system failed. After some exasperation with Mesh customer services (as machine was needed for work and they had not met any of their own deadlines), the following was replaced: CPU, M/B, one of the graphics cards and also corrupted system files (Win XP was not imaged properly on machine). All this was fixed on 25/10/06 and machine was returned.

Last weekend, (17/18), the system failed to boot up and I contacted Technical Support who said that the hard drive needed replacing (inaccurate as I could boot up with SAFE MODE). The memory was replaced today but no fault was found with the hard drive.

Obviously, this concerns me as it means I have only had a new desktop running 2.5 months without any hardware being replaced. In fact, I have the Steve Austin of the computer world as few parts of the original machine are still present (VDU, Speakers, Keyboard, Mouse - all non-Mesh built).

Surely, there is a problem with Mesh build quality if this occurs?
Fortunately, I have a 3 year warranty but if anything else fails I will be requesting a full refund under "sale of goods act" as it would have proved itself not fit for purpose.

Please note, this is not a moan - this time - about customer services, but rather a voice of concern regarding the quality of their goods. This year alone, I have purchased over 50 pieces of computer equipment for my place of work and none had to be returned due to hardware failure. In the last 2 years I have only sent 3 laptop components back (2 CD rom drives, 1 battery). Perhaps I should have used that company to purchase my own computer from rather than Mesh? If Mesh is to survive then it needs to get its house in order as the IT world is a competitive and unforgivening place.

  Zero G 14:20 22 Feb 2007

I bought from Mesh once & once is enough!

  Pine Man 14:51 22 Feb 2007

I bought one from Mesh six years ago and it has never missed a beat!

I'm now waiting for my new one to arrive.

  silverous 16:31 22 Feb 2007

I have a Mesh and have had no problems with it. I was quite impressed that the case has spare hard drive brackets in it for future expansion. Not all Meshes are built bad.

  961 16:46 22 Feb 2007

The great difficulty, as can be seen from the previous posts on this thread, is that they do build good machines. However on occasion they do build a lemon, and you then find out that the service can be, well, patchy

As you say, much computer hardware these days is ultra reliable. Good quality stuff put together properly, will go forever. The big companies just couldn't afford things any other way

The idea that virtually all the components need replacing seems totally illogical and you just have to assume that, like the odd car, if it's a Friday afternoon jobbie it will just never be right

There is a guy called Davey who frequents this forum and sorts out major Mesh megablunders. I suggest you e-mail him, and suggest either a replacement or a refund stressing that you need the thing for work and can't faff around

  Sloper69 17:06 22 Feb 2007

Cheers for Davey mention.
I have cntacted him in past over my hardware problems when I got nowhere with Customer Services. I am hoping my machine troubles are now over and it will be plain sailing (plain surfing?)
I will keep him in mid if further problems arise.

  GaT7 18:35 22 Feb 2007

"I will keep him in mid if further problems arise."

There's also the MESH forums at Hexus to post to click here (you'll find Davey posting there all the time). G

  Zero G 18:47 22 Feb 2007

I will however admit that i have used Davey @ Mesh to sort 3 problems out and he was very helpfull all 3 times.

  FatboySlim71 22:29 23 Feb 2007

I agree with Zero G "I bought from Mesh once & once is enough!". That was my experiance as well.

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