Mesh Bad service and support

  ANDREW-W 23:37 13 Oct 2003

I have had my Mesh Matrix 2500+ for 2 weeks when it broke down and refused to boot. I called tech support who suggested a HDD or memory fault. After waiting 2 weeks for an engineer to call to replace the parts, the machine left an error message when the desktop loaded. A call to tech support was no help, and I got the impression the did not have a clue. Later I called again and was advised to reformat the HDD and reload drivers. This I have done. But guess what The modem wont connect at a reasonable speed, the DVD player isn't working, Jpeg graphic files loaded from the floppy drive are corrupted and i suspect that either the graphics driver or card are not functioning!
I have spent a lot of time and expence calling the tech helpline and emails (Which arn't answered quickly).
I have now asked for a replacement or refund, after all the machine is a month old and should be replaced without question. Having raised this through tech support Mesh are not keen to do this and seem to insist on a repair. Who? Just admit it Mesh its a dud from day 1 and replace it.
Maybe Mesh Response can comment. Judging by the other post Mesh need to improve their public relations.
For the benefit of Mesh the machine in question is serial no: 5009511-001

  Forum Editor 23:42 13 Oct 2003

Mesh response about this?

  spuds 23:53 13 Oct 2003

Mesh Response [email protected]

  ANDREW-W 00:00 14 Oct 2003

Have emailed on several occasions. Since the new drive was installed last Wednesday I made at least five or six phone calls to tech support, which resulted in reformating the HDD and attempting to reinstall the drivers. Personally I don't believe it is my job to do this. Any repair should be checked and correct before a machine is left.
They also said they would send out a drvers disk and instructions but this has not yet arrived.
I emailed tech support that day to complain about the situation. I am still waiting for a reply. I called customer services on Friday to get someone to talk to me. I asked them to call at a specific time because I was at work and this would be the only time I was free. They called but at the wrong time, and did not contact me today.
So I have called tech support today and asked to speak to a manager. He has advised that the machine has to go back to the workshop. Could take up to 2 weeks. Maybe another HDD fault. Seems Mesh have a load of faulty HDD.
I have also sent another email to both tech support and customer services requesting a new base unit or full refund, as this is not acceptable on a new machine.

  ANDREW-W 00:09 14 Oct 2003

Have now emailed direct to mesh response. I await a reply!

  spuds 00:27 14 Oct 2003

By going through the forum meshresponse method, you should find a better and quicker contact.Good luck.

  ANDREW-W 18:24 14 Oct 2003

Have decided to file a full complaint to senior management at Mesh. Having been messed around too much for a machine which is nearly new, I now just want a refund.
It has spent more time out of use than in and wasn't a cheap machine.
Judging by other posts on this forum, motherboards and HDD seem to be regularly faulty. Maybe Mesh should look at their quality control, because its naff!
I can't understand why an on site engineer can't perform a full diagnostic testing??
Tech support want to send the machine to their workshop. Totally unacceptable!
I have to say that if a full refund is not forth coming then I will be taking this to Trading standards and the small claims court.
I am within my rights to request a full refund, under the Sales of goods act.
Meshresponse I hope you received the email I sent you last night, and await your comments.

  Kilobyte 22:54 14 Oct 2003

If you paid by credit card then contact your card company to sort it out - as they are jointly liable for a disputed transaction over £100!

  passant 23:39 14 Oct 2003

I'm very puzzled. Why are Mesh so intent upon losing money? They have thrown away £1000 - mine!
Surely any reasonable business brain knows that customer satisfaction means improved sales figures through recommendation. I wonder how many others have been detered by bad reports. Crazy.

  passant 23:53 14 Oct 2003

Just remembered something. A computer guru once told me that specifications mean little. It is the quality of the parts which matter. These are built to last either a long time, or a very short time! I was advised to accept lower specifications for a well built reliable machine. I followed his advice, and after three years haven't had a single serious problem. Computer manufactured by HIGH GRADE, if I may mention the name. Can't speak for their after sales service, for I've never had to use it.

  plantzzman 00:06 15 Oct 2003

Do MESH sell most of there pc's to business users-ie large offices which I would guess keep MESH's home fires burning-I presume this is the case seeing as they only offer a tech line till 5 or 6 pm when offices will have gone home for the night.
Maybe sales to the general public are the icing on the cake for them.This is a shame as the icing must have gone off as alot of people posting on these threads seem to be left with a nasty taste in their mouths after dealing with MESH.
Thing I find so bizarre is in 1997 I had these experiences having got a MESH pc-now in 2003 people still have these issues.

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