Mesh Athlon FX or 3800+

  BILL ODDIE 20:56 29 Sep 2004

Hello again
Many thanks to all replies to my past posts, as always ALL opinions are welcome! I've decided to go ahead and in the near future buy a Mesh computer so please don't advise otherwise. On this site a few weeks ago Mesh Support very kindly advise me to wait a short while before buying my new Mesh due to fall in prices etc. I've been watching the Mesh Matrix 3800+ Ultimate price shift and yes ther is a very small downwards trend but more interestingly a better bundle spec (ie. TFF increase from 19' to 20') I'm holding off at the moment while the Athlon 64 issue is 'worked out' with the SP2 upgrade. In the meantime I would like to know your opinions on the choice of upgrading the processor chip from a Athlon 3800 (939) to a AMD Athlon 64 FX 53(939) pin. The full spec of the 3800+ machine can be found at Mesh web site and a review of the machine on PC Pro November 2004 (yes I know it's only Sept. but!) The upgrade to FX costs an extra £150. I know Level 2 cach is 1Mb as oppose to 512Kb on the 3800 chip (I don't know what difference this would make to the performance. Do you think I should save the £150 and just go out and buy alot of bird seed!
Kind regards, Bill Oddie.

  GibsonSt19 23:23 29 Sep 2004


  Mr Mistoffelees 21:01 30 Sep 2004

The FX will be a little faster, but you probably won't notice unless you run benchmarks. I wouldn't spend the extra money.

  toadoftoadhall 01:14 01 Oct 2004

whichever you go for, it'll whiz along.

It'd be a bit like comparing a 28g Special Game 12 bore cartridge to a 30g Pigeon Special 12 bore cartridge; both are slightly different yet will rip a Song Thrush to bits at 30yds; and unless you watch the spread of the birds flesh on a slow motion camera you simply cannot tell them apart.
So go for the cheaper option, buy the bird seed and I'll pop round with my Lincoln Premier 12 bore so we can have some fun with your sparrows.
How about it?

  sctang 18:47 01 Oct 2004

The FX is multiplier unlocked, and is therefore the one that hardcore overclockers go for.

However, the HyperTransport of a64's is stunning, a lot of ppl can run fsb 250 with pc3700/4000 ram, making the performance mindblowing.

You are better of getting a 3500+ 939 A64 and some decent ram, such as OCZ EB 3700+ or Crucial Ballistix PC4000.

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