Mesh are a mess

  smodge 18:44 18 Mar 2010

Hi, I have had a torrid time with mesh Computers, I have currently asked for a full refund, will try to keep this concise but unfortunately, a lot went wrong!
1. Ordered 8th Jan 2010, with extra Saturday delivery cost.
2. Mesh took £1200 from my card just under 1 week later.
3. I chased and chased (me calling) for delivery info. Threatened to cancel after 3 weeks
4. They gave me a date, but missed it and sent wrong day i.e a Monday (and decided to e-mail it had been dispatched on the same Monday after DHL put card thru’ my door!)
5. I took ½ day holiday and picked up from DHL office.
6. Power cable and rubber foot missing so it sat wonkily on my bench for a couple of days unused. Stupidly, I never chased the Sat. Delivery cost.
7. Had to travel to post office to collect package with cable etc a few days later (Postie could not get package thru’ letter box).
8. Computer crashed and restarted every session (blue screen).
9. So began two weeks of daily; “try this”, “try that” e-mails from Mess (yes including “have you got latest drivers installed?” [lol yes its true}.
10. Another day’s holiday to wait for Mess’ cheaper-than-DHL courier to pick it up at 15.00 (can’t guarantee pick-up time beware!), and see it ‘tipped’ into back of van off drivers shoulder (I spent ages carefully packing it as well).
11. After 1 week back at Mess, I rang/emailed for progress. “Oh it’s on test might take up to 3 weeks”.
12. Three weeks later, I get a phone call “Sir I have started to investigate your faulty PC, please explain what was wrong with it” - so it must have sat gathering dust for 3 weeks.
13. Therefore I have had a faulty PC for 2 weeks out of 10, I have been paying interest on my card from 9 weeks ago, I have no PC, 1.5 days holiday, stress, chucked my toys out the pram and asked for full refund yesterday. So it will be another 10 weeks before I get refund (just a rough guess). Somehow can see me taking this to court.
14. Thanks for your patience; it’s for your own good to read this should you be contemplating buying from Mesh.

  ame 20:22 18 Mar 2010

I really hope you get your refund - it sounds like you deserve it, whether under law or as a "goodwill" gesture. I presume you did not search this forum for Mesh threads before you ordered, as you are not alone. Just be prepared for the usual platitudes coming from certain quarters on here about how this example is only one of a samll minority.....

  smodge 20:57 18 Mar 2010

Ame cheers. I did spend quite a bit of research time, it was a lot of dosh (for me). I dithered between Mesh and the other top 4~5 on PC Advisors' top list. In the end the 'draw' to Mesh was too great (appeared good value). When I ordered, I did put something like: "You have lots of negative comments on various websites, please don’t let me down with this order" into their order comments box, they will likely still have that somewhere. Did not work though :(. People are welcome to their opinions/comments, does not change my experience though.

  ame 21:13 18 Mar 2010

£1200 is a fairly expensive pc (unless you include higher end gaming pc's) for anyone, never mind a financially-challenged student. I do hope you are not now going to get criticised by others on here for ordering from Mesh despite your previous research! Good luck, and let us know what happens.

  961 08:58 19 Mar 2010

Advise credit card company you wish to claim under section 75 consumer credit act

  HondaMan 11:56 19 Mar 2010

I must have been lucky. I bought a Mesh earlier this year and so far it has been faultless (touches nearest bit of wood.

Having said that, given the problems you describe, I would not hesitate to demand a refund, failing which, issue proceedings in the county court to recover my money.

  KremmenUK 13:11 19 Mar 2010

I see that Mesh feature (badly) in the latest Windows Official Magazine within the consumer help pages.

The reader had no joy so resorted to the magazine to help resolve the problem.

This should not be happening surely?

  blatterbox 13:16 19 Mar 2010

smodge. Did Mesh supply you with printed T&C's and Right to Cancel? If they just directed you to their website and said 'print these' then they are in breach of the distance selling regs.

The right to cancel must be in a durable medium meaning they cant put the ROC on their website and tell you to print them out.

If you havent got written right to cancel and T&C's from mesh you need to act VERY quickly. You have 3 months and 7 days from date of purchase \ deliver to cancel and ask for your money back. The supplier MUST refund the money in 30 days.

The supplier must also refund postage and packing unless you specified the item to be 'gift wrapped.'

Also, if you selected a basic pc and added on parts from Mesh's list of options, this does NOT make the pc custom build. That would only apply if you requested a pc built to your exact spec.

Download a copy of the DSR's. They are very clear and easy to understand.

Next also contact your credit card company if the item was paid for via a CC not debit card and quote Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act and that you hold the card co 'jointly and severally liable' for the pc.

You must point out that if the faults where on the pc within 6 months of purchase ie at delivery, then the Sale of Goods Act deems the fault(s) was \ were present when sold and you do NOT need to prove the goods are faulty or get an independent report (which card co's like to tell you to do).


  smodge 13:33 19 Mar 2010

Hi, Thanks for all the suggestions/support, I have now written to Visa following my bank's instructions. All I ever received off Mesh was a PDF of the invoice, so I am looking into that as well. Mesh has replied to me saying: "The PC is now in inspection as you have requested a refund", not sure what that means other than they must be clutching a straws looking for a way out, but I haven’t touched it (the PC still had its seal etc) so I am not worried.

You know they only have themselves to blame, I don’t enjoy any of this, I would have put up with all of it if they had just fixed it and sent it back two weeks ago (on the right day and in one piece of course!). I still have their (my?)monitor, waiting for them to pick it up. Smodge

  MESH Support 14:23 19 Mar 2010

Hi smodge,

Firstly I am sorry to read that you have experienced a less than satisfactory level of service.

If you have been advised that your PC has been moved to an inspection (I presume this would be because it was returned at first for repair?) then it means that your refund request has been accepted and we are now inspecting the goods to confirm the reported faults, and so reason for refund, are present. In most cases this is merely a formality.

If you wish you can email me your MESH Order Number to [email protected] so I can look into the specifics of your system however by the sounds of things it does seem like the matter is being addressed as per your request.


  smodge 15:45 19 Mar 2010

I have contacted Davey directly. Should get more info. Monday, will update then. Cheers

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