mesh ... are a joke

  shallow hal 10:53 03 Oct 2006

i ordered a pc from mesh on the advice from PCadviser magazine. it was the xtreme sli 5000 pcc. in the magazine mesh where offering this pc the the AMD 64 x2 5000+ but on the website site only with the AMD 64x2 4600+. i placed my offer based on the review in the above mentioned magazine. i called mesh a few days later just to ask why they weren't offering this pc with the Chip mentioned in the magazine, i was told there was a problem with the 5000+ chip and the had to go back to using the 4600+ chip , i was reassured that i was still getting a top help spread the cost of the pc i decided to go for the 0%interest for 9 monthes which i applied for and got. i made this call on a monday ,on the thurdays of the same week on the mesh website my pc was now being offered with the AMD 64x2 5200+ chip, which when i saw this i was interested in. i called and talk to my sales adviser a young man called Amit, he told me there would be no problem with me upgrading to the new chip but i would have to pay the difference with credit/debit card. i gave this young man my switch card details to pay the £100.01 outstanding for the upgrade. i was then told my pc was due to be shipped on the 29/9/06 and delivery date was to be the 1/10/06. as i live in nothern ireland i knew i would never recieve it the next day anyway. i called mesh on the 27/9/06 to ask if the pc was still going to shipped to me on the 29/9/06 as i needed to book the delivery date off work so i could be there to recieve the pc and i was told it would be posted on the 29th, i also asked the adviser when they would talk the money out of my bank account as it had been over a week since i had gave my card details to this guy Amit. i was told that someone would contact from mesh when they needed to do this. as u can imagine i was really looking forword to this pc coming and on the 1/10/06 it was like being 6 again on xmas morning. i rang mesh at 9 am to make sure the pc had been sent as i had to go out in the afternoon and i wanted to make sure i wouldn't miss the delivery, to my shock i was told that the pc HADN'T been sent!!!!!. when i asked why i was told because there was still £100.01 still outstanding on the bill, the same £100.01 i gave my card details to Amit for and the same £100.01 that i was told 2 days before my shipping date , that a memeber of the sales team would contact me about. i asked the sales advise i was talking to that if my details hadn't been used to pay the sum mentioned , what had happened to my details. if the had been put on the system then i would iahve hoped they would have a record of it but if they hadn't been put on the system then where were my detail that i had giving to Amit.( could they be anywhere for anyone to use??) i was told by the sale adviser he didn't know what amit had done with them! i was then told by this same guy that my pc wouldn't be shipped till the 6/10/06 , i wasn't happy , i told him if he couldn't get this pc to me by the 4/10/06 then i wished to cancell the order. he told be to give him my card details again and he would see what he could do about the delivery so i did . i rang back 1 hour later as i was trying to get ANOTHER day booked of work to check if the pc would be here on the 4/10 and i was told by another sales adviser that i wouldn't be getting it on 4/10 and the shipping date wasn't to the 6th/10, i was then put on hold,then i was put threw to someone who couldn't help me who then put me on hold again i then talked to someone else who inturn put me on hold , i finally talked to sales guy who said he would try and get me my pc by 4/10. he told he was trying sort out the delivery date and he would call me back within 2 hours , by this time the £100.01 was taken out of my bank account. i recieved the call back within the 2 hours to be told i wouldn't be fit to get my pc by 4/10 as it still had to be built and tested. i was also told that Amit didn't work there anymore( now i am wondering is amit away with my details). by this time i decided to cancell on the grounds that if this is the way the sales goes then any tech help i might need would be a disaster. i now have to wait 3 working days to get my money back!!!

  MESH Support 13:51 03 Oct 2006

Hi shallow hal,

I'm sorry that your experience of purchasing a PC from us was less than perfect.

Unfortunately the information we receive from our bank, or any bank for that matter is limited and subject to their processing time. For security reasons that are in your favour who has access to your information is very limited internally as well.

These problems occur when a payment is refused by our bank we wouldn't be informed right away, adding to the delays.

Coupled with the original AMD chip shortage this can easily be seen as a massive headache to you and for all our involvement in the matter I apologise.

The least I can do at this point is ask that you email me your Mesh Order number to [email protected] so that I might ensure that your refund is processed in the shortest amount of time.


  shallow hal 15:26 03 Oct 2006

i have forwarded u my order number as requested but may i say i am very very diasppointed in the whole outcome of this.mesh are a company i looked at for nearly a year now and i just wish i had read some of the reviews on ur company before i wasted my time and energy ordering from you. this has left a very bad taste in my mouth as far as mesh goes and i for would not recommend you to anyone!!
and on a finaly note i also think pc adviser should really look at the companies the recommend as well.

  Newbie100 19:58 03 Oct 2006

I fully understand your frustrations with Mesh Computers as I am experiencing similar problems.

I ordered an 'Xtreme AM2 500 Live' system on 31/07/06 and suffered at the hands of Customer Services.

I have a catalogue of missed delivery dates, delays in production and customer service operators that fail to deliver on what they have agreed after what amounts to be a lengthy call.

I am in a situation where, over two months have elapsed and although I have a base unit, no monitor has been supplied even though they were extremely quick to take my £1600.

The expected delivery date on the monitor keeps slipping with no satisfactory explanation from Mesh!

Surely a monitor cannot be a difficult peripheral to source!

I emailed [email protected] last week but as yet have had no reply. I hate to be cynical but do you only get an adequate response from davey if you make a 'public' complaint?!

I have lost all faith with Mesh and cannot see how yo resolve my problem...I hope you have better luck!

  Harpur 21:57 03 Oct 2006

maybe davey is swamped?

  shallow hal 08:52 04 Oct 2006

well davey did e mail me ... but guess what he just happens to be out of the office for the next 3 workings days ( exactly the time i was told to get my refund.) here is his e mail to me.

Dear Mr McCann,

I have spoken with a Sales Supervisor who advises me the paperwork has already
been completed and is with our accounts department.

I unfortunately will be out of the office for the next 3 working days (plus the
weekend of course) and so will not be able to pick up on problems should they
occur until my return on Monday. I will of course see any emails you send to me
by reply upon my return.

Davey Whyte
Technical Services Administrator
Mesh Computers

this just happens to be the same excuse as on another thread on this forum 2 or 3 pages in. i am going to contact my solicitor this morning as i feel that the sales adviser willingly took my money before i cancelled my order as he knew i would do so because he could not forful my order in the time i requested.

  MESH Response 09:14 04 Oct 2006


Unfortunately Davey is, as he suggest away, however I can confirm that the credit is to take peace today.

You will be notified as soon as it happens.

Newbie100 - Apologies for the delay in receiving your specified monitor. Could you please email [email protected] your order number and reference to your posting, and I will see if we may get you a further update and speed the delivery of your monitor.

Regards Nick

  Jdoki 09:30 04 Oct 2006

Shallow Hal.

Reading your post was like deja vu! I had almost the same problem with MESH a couple of years ago. Which I posted on the PC Advisor forums.

It's disgusting to see the same problems occuring again and again. I only visit PC Advisor now and again, but pretty much every time I do there is at least one negative post about MESH on the first page of Consumer Watch!

Good luck getting your refund.

  def90csw 10:08 04 Oct 2006

Companys have upto 30 days to give a refund.

  shallow hal 13:11 04 Oct 2006

my problem is mesh took my money well knowing that they couldn't not fullfil my order on the time i wanted and also know that i would cancel as soon as i knew this. now i have been told by Nick ( cough cough Davey) that i will get my refund today and will be notified when this happens , which will be a 1st by mesh if they do this. 1 thing is for sure i am not for letting this go and i have already sought legal advise on where i stand on this matter .

  Harpur 13:32 04 Oct 2006

if you get your money move onto somewhere you will feel comfortable using it. you will only end up with a lot of wasted time and frustration

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