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  MESH Response 16:57 15 Apr 2003

MESH Computers Plc take service and support very seriously

If any MESH customer has an outstanding issue then we urge you to e-mail us directly using [email protected]

Please remember to include your name, address, contact details, e-mail and order reference number - together with a brief description of the problem and an outline of what you would like us to do to

We will acknowledge reciept of your messge immediately and deal with your query as soon as possible

Kind regards,

MESH Response

  March Hare 13:01 16 Apr 2003

QUOTE: "MESH Computers Plc take service and support very seriously "

I suggest there is very little point in Mesh asserting this, when there are at least four threads currently running on this forum detailing the many ignored phone calls and complaints from angry customers who have parted with their money, and are now trying to get either satisfaction or a refund from Mesh.

Not really my business, as I have never bought from Mesh, and never will, while there is so much criticism of their contempt for their customers.

Actions speak louder than pious and unconvincing words.

  Steve27 13:29 16 Apr 2003

Heads I win tails you lose I'm afraid Mesh.

Surely we applaud those who make the effort to respond to customer difficulties else just what is the point of this forum?

To continue to castigate suppliers who respond is pointless and destructive and I applaud the patience shown by those who are working to improve customer support. This task like housework will never be done to everyones satisfaction including the companies concerned.

Don't you think we could be a little more gracious?

  Locksley 14:06 16 Apr 2003

I am in receipt of a quote from Mesh for my new computer but after reading all these adverse comments about them I am wondering if I ought to go ahead with this or choose another company.

Blinkered Vision I would say....

Lets take it from another viewpoint, there are four threads running on Mesh at the moment, and in each, Mesh have made a public announcement as to the steps they are taking to resolve the issues. (In fact, I think two are already resolved). Personally, I can count on the fingers of my foot the number of other companies who are currently posting on this forum (Since Colin from Time has left you dont see a lot from them).

If you think of the sheer numbers of computers that are shipped from Mesh ( I think it is about 2,000 a WEEK) if they were as bad as all that, this forum would be dedicated to them with little room for any other threads!

Do not be put off by the threads, they have all (as you can see) been (or are being) resolved and the fact that a company takes the time and trouble to post here is reassuring to say the least.

I do not purchase computers, but build them. If I were in the market, I would not discount Mesh, for to do so would mean I would have to discount every other compnay that I had heard a horror story about, and, my friend, that is practically evey PC Manufacturer, excluding perhaps, Poweroid (again, I have never used them but based simply on what I have heard).

  BlitZace 14:57 16 Apr 2003

I'm sure that my own personal situation will be resolved very shortly, however, I have had to go through countless phonecalls, e-mails, letters and headaches just to get a simple problem "sorted". Would you therefore suggest that this is somehow fair? And that just because the problem is eventually "sorted" that it makes all of this alright? I feel that any customer (like myself) that is put through this kind of ordeal has every right to be disgruntled, and do everything in their power to warn others of their experience.

  Locksley 15:24 16 Apr 2003

I must add to my previous comment that I have owned a Mesh for the last 5 years (it is now ready for replacement) and have never experienced any problems from them so perhaps that ought to answer my query for me?

Do not get me wrong, I too have been subjected to disgraceful so called "service" from an online retailer whose name I will not mention, but begins with the letter after C and before E!!

Phone calls, Emails, Letters to the MD all went unanswered and I was prepared to blow a gasket. I have also had situations where the retailer (Not the same one) promised not to charge a card unless the item was in stock, charged the card and told me that I had to wait 2 weeks for them to get the stock in!!, Horror stories abound with the internet retailers but fortunately, they are in comparison, few and far between and when things do go right it is gratifying.

All I am saying is that it is very blinkered to suggest that one particular company are worse, a lot worse, or in fact so much worse than any other - every company I have delt with, be it Dabs, Watoford (Savastore) Eclipse, Simply, Action, Ebuyer etc. etc have their supporters and those who would not go near them again.

I have had problems with nearly all the above to some degree or other and would still use them when it suits me. Every company has its problems and I agree - its how they are solved that is important, which is why Mesh are to be congratulated for posting here and recognising, and solving the problems that do arise.

Sometimes, those responsible for solving the problems are not the ones on the end of the telephone or the email you send. That is the nature of running a large business, and as such, unless they get to hear of the problems there is little they can actualy do. No, it should not be like this, but then that is the neature of the beast. Be thankful that they do not do as one company did, (If you have a SCAN through my posts you will see who I mean) and completely bury their heads in the sand which resulted in a succesful court action on our part against them!!

  kevvyb 11:57 18 Apr 2003

I have come to the conclusion that MESH are like most PC manufacturers and indeed, most companies these days. They preach the mantra of 'customer service' ad nauseum but the reality, should you happen to be unlucky enough to have a real problem, is very different on many occasions. There seems to be an inverse relationship. I am old enough to know that one used to get better customer service in the past when companies shouted a little less about doing but actually did it!

When I bought my MESH PC I had some hardware issues which were sorted out fairly quickly but not 'on-site'. I really do wonder how many onsite visits MESH (or any other company for that matter) really carry out. I have a feeling that this is another euphemistic 'customer service' marketing tool.

My MESH is a good PC. It runs well (and touch wood) seems to have settled down. This however is basically down to my vastly increased knowledge gained over the past three years by sorting out problems with the help of forums like this and support I paid for.

Looking back, I can see how most of the issues I have experienced have been 'software issues' although generally related to hardware issues which were, in the beginning, changes that I had made to try to solve what seemed (and still seems) to be a basic hardware incompatibility between my MESH and a Brother USB scanner. The hardware/software issue is a very slippery thing. Almost any issue will involve both in some way. Ascertaining the provenance of a fault is a skill and not straight forward, especially for the inexperienced user. However, what seems like the automatic assumption from a ‘support’ line that one’s fault is due to hardware and to be left with a problem and not knowing where to start is not a pleasant experience particularly when you’ve just shelled out hundreds for a new machine.

I can see why PC manufacturers want to avoid getting into such murky support issues but if they were more explicit about this from the start I think their customers would be less disappointed and angry. It is now obvious to me that most PC advertising although not usually actually incorrect does mislead on the support issue.

Basically PC manufacturers can't provide support unless they charge. If they could be more honest about this and actually provide excellent time limited support for a charge I think a lot of the bad feeling would be prevented.

I resorted to InfoGenie for a year after (rightly or wrongly) banging my head up against MESH customer support for a considerable time. InfoGenie are excellent. A years support cost me about £170. With their help and my own research, by the end of the year I had learnt a lot about my PC and was sorting most issues without resorting to the helpline. But what peace of mind that subscription gave me. A properly trained support professional who is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and is at the end of the line at the sort of time when most people are able to sit in front of their PC, is invaluable to reducing the panic of a new user when things go wrong. That, it seems to me is what most customers are expecting along with someone who is not in a rush to get them off the telephone due to time constraints or because they actually haven’t a clue.

Consumers will shell out for completely useless extended guarantees for all sorts of products that rarely go wrong but won’t pay for reasonable support for their PC which is a very complicated device? I don’t believe it. It just needs marketing. Come on MESH, and all the others, set your marketing departments on that one.

  geezer13 22:39 18 Apr 2003

I bought a computer from mesh about 8 months ago and had a problem with it, I decided to get a refund after very poor customer support and a lot of hassle, unanswered phone calls, unmade callbacks and many broken promises.

Now Im looking to upgrade my Laptop, mesh wont be getting my buisiness.

  Lone Crow 22:06 19 Apr 2003

Just want to say I like the posting from kevvyb - a lot of good sense fairly and plainly stated! A lot of our issues are down to our own 'ignorance' and the sheer complexities of PCs and their software, but it doesn't help that service arrangements don't meet the REAL LIFE conditions of service that the product and its owner have to face. The current situation is a bit like warranting a car only until the new owner refills its petrol tank and then blaming any further problems upon him or the petrol he has chosen! LC.

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