Mesh again (my turn now)

  [DELETED] 15:02 16 Oct 2003

Took delivery of my new Mesh Matrix 2600+ SFX on Friday 10 October. I only wish I had access to these forums before committing my hard earned to them.

Here is a copy of the email I have sent to sales, support and now the response address:

It seems that we have got off on the wrong footing. I will explain further.

On Saturday 13 September I purchased a Mesh Matrix 2600+ SFX through your website paying the full amount by credit card. By 18 September I hadn't had any confirmation from you, even though your website stated that a letter of confirmation would be remitted the next working day, I therefore called Mesh sales to query this oversight. I was informed by your staff that they were awaiting our call so that they could establish whether or not I wished to take advantage of your 6 month interest free credit. Through gritted teeth I explained that had I required credit I would have applied at the time of purchasing and if I thought that the transaction would not begin to be processed until I telephoned I would certainly have called earlier. I gave my credit card details again and delivery was arranged for 9 October.

I will point out that this is the fourth computer I have bought and up to this point that Mesh customer service I have received runs in fourth place.

On 8 October we were contacted by Mesh rearranging delivery for 10 October and to my surprise the goods where delivered as promised, proving that there is room for hope.

However on opening the boxes I was most disappointed to note that the tower is not black/beige as described on your invoice (dated 3 October) nor is the dvd rom drive white (as stated) but instead the tower is totally black which, when teamed with the white Mitsubishi Diamond Pro monitor looks naff and is totally unacceptable when I am paying £914.15.

I would also point out that you have not included the Game Pad, Joystick and X-Treme Games Bundle that was included in both the sales literature and listed on the above mentioned invoice.

So far we haven't received any replies but heres hoping

  [DELETED] 17:23 16 Oct 2003

good luck keep us up to date with developments.

  [DELETED] 17:30 16 Oct 2003

If you could supply your order number to us at [email protected] , we will look into this immediately and get back to you regarding your concerns.


MESH Response.

  [DELETED] 18:14 16 Oct 2003

Just to let you know I have replied to this with the order number (which I had already quoted to Mesh sales and Mesh services).

I'll let you know the outcome.

  [DELETED] 18:17 16 Oct 2003

oh and by the way - that's the first reply I've ever received from Mesh which goes to show what a great forum this is.

  [DELETED] 07:00 17 Oct 2003

Im not exactly impressed myself. Waiting for some kind of comfirmation or just general response myself after placing a secure online order. As good as some of their offers are, there are plenty of comparable alternatives who give excellent customer service. Personally my patience is running out. Good luck to others ordering from them, I do wish you the best of luck.

  [DELETED] 08:43 17 Oct 2003

I type this meesage on my Mesh computer, ordered on the recommendation of PC Advisor, so we know that has to be a good signpost. The kit is fine, but I too went through a nightmare trying to get hold of it, having handed over my credit card details. I could have secured better delivery through Wells Fargo stagecoaches.

Desite excellence in kit spec, Mesh really do need to take a careful look at customer support - it lets down an otherwise brilliant operation. Keeping customers up to date with their orders prior to delivery, and making sure when it is delivered, that it arrives when it is supposed to, so customers don't end up taking days off work (VERY COSTLY) to wait for a machine that does not show.

Maybe PC Advisor should consider including Customer Service feedback as an element of their reviewing system - I know it's not meat for your serious tekkies, but it surely is important to those who are looking to make buying a computer less painful.

  Stuartli 15:26 17 Oct 2003

I've stated this elsewhere on the forums about the first Mesh system I have ordered to date (it was, in fact, done on behalf of a friend).

It was ordered at the beginning of September on a Thursday, I received the invoice by mail the following Tuesday, the system arrived on the day promised (September 24th) at 10-15am, worked straight out of the box and has done so ever since.

I was informed by phone before placing the order online that despatch times were around two-and-a-half weeks from the order being made.

Can't ask for anything more...:-)

  [DELETED] 16:52 24 Oct 2003

Stuartli I'm happy (if not a bit jealous) for you.

Just to updats you with my correspondence with Mesh:

Mesh reply to the above email (Fri 17/10):

I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your recent Mesh Computer

Unfortunately we came to the end of the line for the black/beige case and
automatically the case was upgraded to our new all black case. It is likely
that we will have a few of the cases kept back for warranty purposes. If
you wish we can arrange to have the machine returned and the contents moved
from the current case to the originally ordered case. Functionally the two
cases have the same specifications so you would not experience any lack of
performance or feature if you decided to keep the current case.

The monitor as far as we are aware is only available in this colour. If
this were to be changed in any way the only alternative would be a different
model, possibly different manufacturer.

With regards to the games bundle, we ran out of stock of this item recently
and so shipping of them has been delayed. This item will follow shortly.

My reply (Friday 17/10):

As you will no doubt be expecting to hear I will not be returning this pc to
have the case changed especially knowing now that we are dealing with an
inefficient company who would, I have no doubt, be in no hurry to return our
pc. It would have been nice if Mesh could have mentioned this change rather
than trying to 'pass off' goods (you are in breach of your own contract -
section 5.2.)

If you re-read my email I did not complain about the colour of the monitor -
merely mentioned that it looks mismatched against the totally black tower.

Finally the games bundle was listed on my delivery note, for you to now say
that it you ran out of stock and have delayed shipping is not only naive but
indicates outright dishonesty.

Further update below.

  [DELETED] 16:56 24 Oct 2003

Mesh reply to me (Friday 17/10):

In all honesty I was expecting to hear that you wished to return the goods
for a refund.

I apologise for the fact that you were not advised of the case change.
Unfortunately this change was not something that either sales or services
departments were aware of in sufficient time to advise clients who had
already purchased their PC's. We of course do advise potential customers of
this change now that we are aware of it.

I am aware of the fact that you did not complain of the colour but
considered that this may be something else you considered. The only email I
received was the one you sent via the "meshresponse" address with your
serial number attached. The details of your complaint I took directly from
your post on the PC Advisor forum, which I monitor regularly throughout the

The delivery note is actually a direct copy of the invoice and so will
always show the total goods whether shipped or not. In most cases we expect
all of the goods to sent at the same time to the point that orders have been
known to be kept back to ensure this. As the games bundle is minor point,
we would consider sending the bulk of the goods ahead of it.

I found your details on our "to follow" list which indicates that we had not
intended to with-hold the final item, but to ensure that when new stock
arrived, your one was sent before we start to fulfil and new orders. I can
assure you that no dishonesty was intended.

My reply to Mesh (Tue 21/10):

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but when the Missus is pregnant
your life is no longer your own...

In all honesty if I thought there was any chance of returning goods for a
refund I would have taken that path from step 1.

I am glad to hear that Mesh has learnt from it's mistakes and that you are
now informing clients of the case change.

How strange that my first email to Mesh response (the 1 I sent a short while
before posting on PCAdvisor's forum) went astray, still, I suppose these
things happen both with Snail and electronic mail.

Hmm, your comments on the delivery note, quite frankly, don't impress. The
fact that Mesh's small print requires that any missing items be reported in
writing puts the onus on your customer to tidy up after your dispatch
department. It is (or rather was but should still be) general practice
when providing a product/service to provide some form of customer care, the
first rule of which is ALWAYS to keep the customer informed of ANY changes,
delays or interruption of service.

I am glad that I will receive the missing games bundle in due course
(whenever that may be).

Just a minor point, I have tried to register with the Mesh support site but
so far, without success. Could you please let me know if it is in fact up
and running?

I look forward to hearing whether I should start packing up the pc. ready
for collection I have kept all the boxes just in case.

Sorry if this all a bit long and boring but if I were still on the market for a new pc (says he eyeing up the multivision #2 in superbudgets) I'd want to know.

Will update again if we ever hear any more.

  [DELETED] 11:58 02 Nov 2003

Well it's over two weeks that we sent the above mentioned email to mesh response, there's still no reply. We've had the computer for over three weeks now and there's no sign of the games bundle, etc. We still haven't had a chance to try out our sound system upgrade with the promised games!

Bfn Terry

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