Merry Christmas from Carrera SSC - NOT!

  JAC828 11:23 02 Jan 2003
  JAC828 11:23 02 Jan 2003

Readers beware!

On the 15th November I placed an order for a new PC and printer from Carrera SSC, ordering direct through their website. I was sent a confirmation that my order had been received and that the order would taker 10 to 15 days to ship. As this was to be a Christmas present that appeared to be a satisfactory timescale so I returned all forms to progress with the order. I also paid an extra fee for a Saturday delivery to avoid taking time off work.

Mid December arrived so I contacted Carrera and was informed that my order would be shipped to me on Saturday 21st December. This was much later than I expected but would still be in time for Christmas. I stayed in the house all that Saturday but the order did not arrive. I tried phoning Carrera's offices but could only get a message saying that all their lines were engaged (previously they had been operating a queing system so I was surpirsed by this). I also sent an email to the customer service department asking them to resolve the issue and return the Saturday delivery fee as a sign of good faith. I had an email and telephone response on the Monday morning aplogising and saying that I could expect delivery the following day (Christmas Eve) and that my delivery fee would be refunded.

Tuesday mroning (Christmas Eve) the order arrived. However, on opening the first box I was suprised to find the wrong speakers had been supplied. On further checking I found that this was the least of the problems. Also incorrectly supplied was the keyboard (a cheap keyboard instead of the Microsoft Internet keyboard specified), the Windows XP CD (which I paid extra for was missing) as was the printer cable (again, extra paid) and 5 DVDs that were due to be supplied with online orders but most seriously of all the processor was an AMD 2000 instead of the AMD 2600 I had ordered. Understandably, I was extremly annoyed. It was Christmas Eve and the PC I had ordered as a present was completely incorrect. I tried reaching Carrera all day by phone but again once selecting a switchboard option received a message stating that all lines were engaged. I again sent emails to the despatch office and to customer service but without reply.

Christmas Day arrived and I had to aplogise to my brother for giving him just a pair of socks instead of the PC had planned to give. I returned home earlier than planned on Boxing Day so that I could try and resolve the issue the following day. However, when I tried phoning I now received a message saying that the phone lines were faulty (although I was unable to confirm this with BT as they do not directly provide the service to Digital Network Plc, Carrera SSC's parent company). To make things worse the emails I had sent were returned by my email service as being undeliverable. Repeated sending of these email to addresses at Carrera were also returned.

I tried phoning and emailing every day between the 27th December and New Years Eve, and on the 31st I found a new message once I progressed through Carrera's swithcboard. It stated that the phone system was being updated over Christmas and would be operational again on the 2nd of January. It also gave a different sales email address which it stated would be manned over the Christmas period. I therefore sent a request to be contacted to that address giving my home and mobile numbers and stating what has gone wrong to date.

It is now the 2nd of January. Carrera's phone lines are once again stating that all phone lines are engaged and my email has not been answered. I am thoroughly disgusted with the service I have received by Carrera and this whole incident has been an unwanted stratin on myself and my family over the Christmas period.

  powerless 11:45 02 Jan 2003

Sounds like they rushed your order OR you recieved someones else's order.

  AdeJ 14:08 02 Jan 2003

in the last three days - sounds like they didn't anticipate demand or certainly didn't plan for it properly - best of luck..

  rickf 15:49 02 Jan 2003

This all sounds very worrying. See post above yours. Is Carrera in trouble again, I wonder?

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