memory prices

  tran1 12:03 21 Feb 2003


A 1GB memory stick cost just over £400 while a 512MB costs just over £55.

why not just buy 2 sticks of 512?

why is the 1GB soo much more expensive?

  davidg_richmond 12:10 21 Feb 2003

probably because of the lack of demand as memory prices fall dramatically the more they produce. the main customers for 1Gb sticks would be corporations with servers that need many Gb's of memory, therefore the more you can put into a slot the better.

  Muzziad 13:20 21 Feb 2003

i can never understand why on some system supplier sites (mesh and evesham spring to mind) if you upgrade the standard 512mb stick to 1gb you pay:

evesham, £130 + vat
mesh, from 2 x 256mb to 2 x 512mb, £150 + vat. purchase from memory sites and the price difference between 2 x 256 and 2 x 512 is more like £40 + vat.

surely that's way over the odds

  davidg_richmond 14:23 21 Feb 2003

you're right there, unless they explain it away by saying its better in some way (but a LOT more expensive than Crucial) then it looks like theyre overcharging. the only thing that could explain it is if they buy bulk and then get caught out by falling RAM prices but they should know not to do that.

probs better to do the upgrade yourself and flog the old memory....

  Elrond 15:00 21 Feb 2003

Another take on it is that an extra stick takes up an extra slot. So in a way, you pay for the privelige of saving yourself a memory slot.

  Muzziad 15:09 21 Feb 2003

2 x 512 doesn't take up any more slots than 2 x 256

seems to me they're extracting more profit from the less computer literate

  Elrond 15:19 21 Feb 2003

Sorry, my respone was regarding Tran1's post on the 1GB being more expensive than the 2 512MB.

  tran1 18:29 21 Feb 2003

Poeple would rather save £300 than saving a free slot. lol!

  davidg_richmond 23:58 21 Feb 2003

muzziad, 1Gb sticks are pretty much top of the range at the mo, so you're gonna pay top whack for them, and as i mentioned before it wont be the consumer market that needs them anyway. most decent motherboards for home pcs will have 3 slots anyway, and i cant see for now anyone needing 1.5-3Gb for a home pc. its servers that need the most Gb per slot as they tend not to have more than 3-5 slots.

  Muzziad 13:32 24 Feb 2003

"2 x 512mb = £150 + vat"

i never mentioned 1gb sticks. even if i did i think 150 + VAT over and above the cost of 2 x 256 sticks is still well over the top.

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