memory prices

  picklsey 07:18 14 Sep 2004

bought 512mb (pc3200)£49.when i was in the shop they were saying that the price of memory was going to be going up soon,any one else here of this or do you think i was being a sales pitch.

  spuds 10:24 14 Sep 2004

Buying memory chips is like winning the lottery. Over the years it would seem the same old problem, you do not know what the price will be one month from the next.Why this should be, I can only guess!.

A couple of years ago, I purchased some 'cheap' memory from a supplier who could also offer me various higher priced memory.Both came with a similar warranty, so as stated I purchased the cheapos. Still running very sweet to this day, at a much reduced price :o)

  picklsey 17:15 14 Sep 2004

spuds i thought the same why pay fancy prices,the shop i got it from always has good deals on the go.any time i,ve had a problems they have sorted it there and i knew if i had a prob whith the memory he would replace or replace.thanks for your response.

  TomJerry 20:22 14 Sep 2004

The memory nowdays is treated as commodity. It is traded in financial market (future market more specific) the same way as stocks, oil, pork belly and baked beans. So the price can go up as well as down. If a shop keeper knows the direction of the price, he/she would not need to be a shop keeper.

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