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  T0SH 17:29 25 Jul 2004

A word of warning to people buying SD memory cards online, the best deal I could find for a 128 Meg card was from here

click here

So I selected this;
Shopping Cart (Prices in British Pounds)
128MB Secure Digital
£17.86 £17.86
Subtotal £17.86
Shipping (First Class Post) £1.69
VAT £3.43

Total £22.98

once added to our shopping basket I proceed to checkout

haveing entered credit/charge card and delivery address details

The item being supplied have changed (without notice) and are now

Shopping Cart (Prices in British Pounds)
128MB Secure Digital 1 £22.25 £22.25
Subtotal: £22.25 Shipping (First Class Post): £1.69
VAT: £4.19
Total: £28.13

unfortunately at the time I did not notice this change and followed through with the transaction,
but I had made prints from the pages at each step through the process, so when I did notice the price change I e-mailed asking for an explanation, the following reply wes recieved a day or so later

Thank you for your email
We received notice on Saturday 10th July informing us of the price change.
Kind Regards
Liza Childs
13 High Street
Tel: 01438 745544
Fax: 01438 359020"

when the item wes delivered I noticed they had supplied an SD card by Kingston, which is also listed on their website but at a higher price than the item I had selected for my order

I again e-mailed on the 16th July with all the details asking for further explanation without response to date

Regards Harry Clark (TOSH)

  ton 19:09 25 Jul 2004

SD card 128mb. £14-49 inc vat at click here

  T0SH 19:57 25 Jul 2004

Thanks for the link to the 7 dayshop, but perhaps I should take heed of an earlier post in this forum, regarding import duty and VAT charges, which incidentally are charged based on the total price of the items ordered plus any postage and packing costs,if this exceeds a total value which I think is £17.00, you may also be charged an administration fee of up to £10.00, by the carrier/postal service for customs clearance and VAT duty collection

On the phone comment ,that would involve a long distance call at peak time and as is normally the case will involve a lengthy debate at my cost I think not :¬)


  rickf 20:35 25 Jul 2004

click here is shipping memory cards free of delivery. Check it out.

  ton 20:49 25 Jul 2004

I've been using 7dayshop for about 3 years for films, batteries, paper, ink cartridges, flash memory cards and more.
I've never had to pay any duty charges.

  spuds 22:17 25 Jul 2004

Kingston 128mb SD from ebuyer £15.99 plus free delivery.

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