memory card readers built into time computers

  babyboo 12:14 24 Jul 2004

i have a olmpus c-350 digital camera and i want to plug the xd picture card into the built in reader on my tiny computer.
it would appear it wont fit.
the reader has slots for memory stick, sd/mmc and smart meida cf/md.
the smart meida slot is the best fit but my card only wants to go in on one side.
i dont want to force it son can any one give me advice please.

  Stuartli 12:53 24 Jul 2004

Card readers for xd cards are still quite rare - there's no point in trying to use an unsuitable slot and certainly not to force it into one of them.

Just use the camera to download your pix files via USB or whichever way is used - it will/should come up as a removeable drive.

  Stuartli 11:01 25 Jul 2004

Since writing above, I was watching QVC last night (we all have our problems) and it was offering a Visoneer 12 in 1 card reader for £20 (special offer from normal price of £22) which included a XD slot.

  spuds 12:28 25 Jul 2004

I think that you will find that the card reader provided is non XD,so there is no point in trying to fit the card. Perhaps this post may help click here

  smokemeakipper 15:53 25 Jul 2004

xd cards are not comon memory cards and were started by fuji for there cameras so most multi card readers do not support them at the moment. you will need to purchase a seperate card reader that will connect via usb. the tiny one is only advertised as a 10 n 1.

  Scotsman 17:13 25 Jul 2004

Jessops do a XD card reader for about £14.50. It does SmartMedia as well

  Heating 15:45 19 Jul 2005

My Advent T9120 computer has the built in card readers, and XP use to ask when I put the a card in the computer, what programm would I like to open the files ? this has now stopped for some reason ?, it still reads cards, but I have to start a programm such as PSP.

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