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  Jameslayer 17:49 03 Apr 2015

Hi I am the secretery of a small club with about a 100 members at the moment we maintain a spreadsheet of club members that involves them filling in a piece of paper with the info. Name,Email,adress,telephone number then I add start date to the system as you needed to be a member for 18 months before you can vote on the consitution. So I input this information to a computer spreadsheet.

I have done it for a year know and its a pain in the ass as people moan about filling in the paper each year and then 20% of the time you cant make out their writing and then they go and change email adress and complain they dont recieve the emails.

I would like a online system that I could have the members fill in themselves or I could input the data for those who dont have access to internet. Which I could then use to send emails out to the members.

I would like something free as we dont have a lot of money and frankly I'm not a fan of getting something that the new secretery will want to change.

Thanks in advance.


  Forum Editor 22:50 03 Apr 2015

"I would like a online system that I could have the members fill in themselves"

That leads me to believe that your club has a website - is that the case? If it is, it's pretty easy to do what you suggest.

You create your form on the web-site. Your members fill it in, and the form results are sent to a mysql database on the web server. You download the database entries into an Excel spreadsheet. Any decent web-hosting package will include at least one mysql database. You just configure it, and use a script to send the form results to it.

  Jameslayer 23:09 03 Apr 2015

We do have a website FE. I dont suppose you have a link to guide on how to do that or does it depend on were you host your website?

  Forum Editor 23:54 04 Apr 2015

Depending on the hosting package you have, and on the hosting company, you may have a control panel which should give you access to all kinds of features.

Pretty well every hosting package comes with at least one Mysql database, and there will be form scripts which will enable you to send form data to the database.

Frankly, unless you know a thing or two about website design and configuration you may find yourself on a very steep learning curve with this, and it may be better to pay someone to do the job for you.

  Jameslayer 20:53 10 Apr 2015

I'll see if anyone from the vlub has any of the skills needed. Thanks for your advice.

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