medion uk ltd

  mobileman1953 19:42 28 Jul 2003

has anyone ever contacted medion uk ltd i have been trying for weeks, several e mails unanswered , letter by royal mail ignored , customer helpline put on hold in queue gave up after 30 minutes at premium rate , my problem is i bought a 17inch monitor from staples with a 2yrs on site warranty this has developed a fault, cannot contact medion for help any advice welcome

  Gaz 25 19:53 28 Jul 2003

Mmmmm, I have no need to contact them but they have been good in the past.

Lets hope they are not going the way other companies have.

  BRYNIT 20:00 28 Jul 2003

I find it is best to phone early morning, If you still can not contact Medion and the monitor is under 12 months old go to your staples store who should be able to help.

  rickf 20:21 28 Jul 2003

I hope this is not a bad omen. I have just bought the Medion 2552 15.2widescreen P4 M 2Mhz today. Its working very well. I have bought 2 Medion D/tops before for my family and contacted them only once and found them responsive. Good luck and post back with yout experience.

  mobileman1953 20:25 28 Jul 2003

monitor is 10 months old went to staples they said they could not help me my only course of action is to contact medion, but cannot get any reply from them

  kiz 20:50 28 Jul 2003

Hmm! I have just bought a Cybermax (ie Medion) from Staples. Actually no problem with it, but I had a couple of queries and have tried emailing and two phone calls(20 mins each time) without any success. Lets cross our fingers that its just that they are on holiday!

  Belatucadrus 21:13 28 Jul 2003

Medion are currently not in my good books, a simple query regarding a spare part took 10 days for the hotline to respond and the answer was so stupid I've writen to the Managing Director.

  rickf 21:33 28 Jul 2003

mobileman,the monitor is still under warranty and Staples should replace it for you or make good the fault. If they can't repair it insist on a replacement. Don't let them for you off. Insist on your Statutory rights. Staples are usually quite good about warranties.

  spuds 22:58 28 Jul 2003

If you have a problem with your Medion monitor, and you cannot get any response from them, then try this route. Go to the Staples store and tell them your problem with Medion,informing them that you want them [Staples] to take action.Should you wish to contact Staples Customer Services Manager, then contact Penny Tappin,Westfields,London Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP11 1HA. [Telephone 01494 474990. Fax 01494 469282].

Medion can be contacted by: Medion UK, 130 Faraday Park, Faraday Road, Dorcan, Swindon,Wilts, SN3 5JF. [Telephone 01793 715715, Fax 01793 715716. Email [email protected].}

I purchased a new monitor recently from Staples with a two year warranty. Medion registered the warrant,then informed me later, that they were not going to honour the warranty. This was due to the monitor being a Staples display model. Lots of phones calls and faxes changed hands, with the final result that Medion granted a one year warranty only. Staples have confirmed that they will be fully responsible for the full two years of warranty cover. So my advice, return to Staples and let them sort your problem out, going to Medion will bring you a further delay in getting your problem sorted. Hope this helps.

  Tenner 00:51 29 Jul 2003

Staples literature for Warranty Support Helplines gives Cybercom ( Medion) as 0870 727 0370 - worth a try ?

As for still being in business, they spent enough last week sponsoring in the Tour de France !( But that's no guarantee, I suppose)

  Newuser38 08:45 29 Jul 2003

I have had good response by e-mail to a software problem as well!

They do advise that they only accept e-mails that contain your customer id number in the subject line. If you have not got one go to click here uk to create one.

Their hotline is 08707270370

8-8 mon to Fri 10-4 Sa,Su

Hope that is helpful.

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