Medion UK "Hotline"

  Cybermaxx 15:40 29 Dec 2003

I've had this Medion PC since March. It's my first PC and not knowing much about them, I've contacted Medion's helpline on several occasions. Every time I've done this I've either had to wait around for several minutes or just given up. I tried to phone today, and guess what? Eight minutes of music and messages advising me to hold the line, before I gave it up as a bad job. These calls are all charged at national rate.

Is this a typical example of a PC support line? I mean, sure I could e-mail them, but I wouldn't get an answer for several days. This is supposed to be a hotline, for Heaven's sake!

  bvw in bristol 15:56 29 Dec 2003

Many people are on holiday this week, they are probably short staffed.

What problem do you have?

  rickf 15:56 29 Dec 2003

My experience is that if you email them, it will come back with info re your query and a ref. no. for future reference when you contact them again. I have phoned them before with no probs.Perhaps its time of year and there are less people working. I would suggest emailing them first.

  Cybermaxx 16:06 29 Dec 2003

Oh, I have a reference number alright. Not much use if I can't talk to anyone, though. I have e-mailed them now. This isn't so much a problem as a system specification query, and I've also posted it up in the helproom forum. I may sound harsh, but I find Medion to be rather vague and generally unhelpful. As for the time of the year excuse, no, they've been like this all year.

  Gaz 25 16:19 29 Dec 2003

I found them ok.

Tell them your not impressed.

  Cybermaxx 16:22 29 Dec 2003

Oh, I have! Never fear on that score....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:25 29 Dec 2003

Anything that can be sorted on here?


  Cybermaxx 17:09 29 Dec 2003

I just want to know the maximum amount of RAM that my motherboard can handle. The packaging says the following:-

2 modules (max. memory 1 GB)

I'd taken that to mean the maximum system memory is 1 Gig. When I bought the PC, the assistant actually said that this was the case.

However, I have found an online PDF manual for the motherboard (Medion MD5000), which reckons it's 2 Gigabytes (64 MB to 1 Gigabyte per slot).

Now, which is the true figure? It could make a fair difference to the PC's lifespan, and I'm itching to find out!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:56 29 Dec 2003

The MB can tske 512mb per slot...1Gb in total. The 512mb RAM modules are about £54 each from Crucial or a but more from PCW. Medion use a few types of motherboard and even the same model of computer can have slightly different Mbs. The MB that you are enquiring about could, in theory, take 2Gb but the 1 Gb chips are about £213 each click here and IMHO anyone paying this for memory needs their heads read. I have a Medion 3200 which has a 2 slot MSI board. It came with 512mb of RAM but now has 1Gb ;-)))


  Cybermaxx 18:09 29 Dec 2003

Thanks for that, Gandalf. However, it still doesn't answer my query. Also, I am thinking ahead here. It won't be all that long before new games recommend more than 1 Gigabyte of memory. If my motherboard CAN handle 2 Gigabytes, then I would like to know about it.

BTW, I've also found out that the Medion MD5000 is also known as the MSI MS 6701.

I also tried the hotline again, and again nobody picked up at the other end. Hopeless!

  carver 19:17 29 Dec 2003

This is not supposed to sound daft, but why phone them over something that will not effect you for about 2 years, if you are bothered about the amount of memory your mobo will support and if it will still play games in 2 years time e-mail them. There isn't one game out that requires more than 256mb of memory to play properly and by the time one comes out that requires 1GB your P/C will be out of date, so why get worked up about some one not answering a phone at Christmas, every one's allowed a Holiday.

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