Medion non-existent after-sales service

  emmybee 22:08 20 Apr 2004

In January I ordered a new motherboard for my Medion PC from Medion (UK), sending a cheque as requested by their HotLine. Three months later I'm still waiting. Constant calls to the Hotline has revealed the loss of my cheque, acknowledged receipt of a second cheque, the loss of the seond cheque, acknowledged receipt of a third cheque, and a promise from a Senior Manager(?) that my motherboard would be sent "in a couple of days" nine days ago. Among the excuses for not processing my order are: moving premises, installing a new computer system, and difficulty in obtaining parts from Medion (Germany). A letter to the Managing Director, Nick Shenton, six weeks ago resulted in a promise of "delivery within 28 days". An attempt to speak to Mr Shenton on the telephone was blocked by his receptionist/secretary/PA. Presumably it is beneath him to speak to individual customers.

So, does anyone out there have any ideas short of sending the boys round?

  spuds 23:40 20 Apr 2004

I quite agree with you. Medion have a very good product, but their after-sales requires a little upgrading.I had problems with Medion over a simple warranty registration for one of their monitors.Other people have had similar problems, and a forum search will reveal this. Here's one click here

  emmybee 00:16 21 Apr 2004

My motherboard failure was down to me, so I couldn't claim under warranty, although the PC was just less than 12 months old when it happened. But that doesn't excuse Medion: I am a customer and should be dealt with efficiently.

  Forum Editor 07:03 21 Apr 2004

and the inefficiencies that you've listed would be laughable if it wasn't such a serious failure of customer service.

Under normal circumstances I would recommend an immediate letter to their M.D., but you've already used up that option. You could forget the whole thing and inform Medion that you're cancelling your order - they aren't the only source of a suitable motherboard.

  emmybee 15:03 23 Apr 2004

I had a phone call this morning from Medion who said that they were today sending out my motherboard free of charge, and I should receive it early next week. I'll let you know.....!

  ensonricky 17:32 23 Apr 2004

It's probably free of charge because they've lost your 3rd cheque!

  emmybee 21:55 23 Apr 2004

Funny you should say that......!

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