medion laptop MD 95319-bad design??

  [DELETED] 19:13 29 Mar 2006

2.66 celeron
256 Mb RAM
40 Gb HD, partioned 20/11/9

does anyone here know anything about this machine?? i have had problems with the soundcard ever since i bought it from somerfield last year. works for 1-6 restarts after any kind of software change-and then stops. at first i blamed my ISP, but even without it connected the soundcard doesn't work "this device cannot start-code 10". medion had it for a month, supposedly awaiting a new motherboard from germany. it came back but the computer was silent-they returned it with exactly the same prob i sent it away with!!! they've had it back again for 9 days now. i'd also made enquiries in the past about upgrading the RAM, and they've always said they couldn't do it...but now all of a sudden they can (take it up from 256Mb to 512Mb. could the lack of RAM have been causing the prob all along, and they're trying to make me pay for sorting it? is the machine a bad design prone to problems, or am i unlucky & continually getting friday afternoon end of shift stuff? help!!! i don't even know if i should bother paying for a RAM upgrade if the computer turns out to be one expensive piece of junk!!!

  Stuartli 19:37 29 Mar 2006

Medion doesn't actually manufacture products - it rebadges specialist manufacturers' offerings under its own name.

If the motherboard had to come from Germany the laptop is likely to have been made by Gericom.

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  [DELETED] 22:57 26 Apr 2006

Dear Sir,
I thought you and your readers might be interested in my experience with Medion Computers, I purchased a laptop on 13/6/02 and when I got home, I found it woulkd not start from battery, after contacting Medion I was sent a replacement battery, but the fault remained, I returned the laptop twice with the same fault, but was informed by Medion, the laptop was OK. I then informed them I was going to send it to Computer Active for independent tests, They immediately agreed to replace the machine.
I was very happy for two months, then the laptop screen failed (inverter) this "new" laptop was then two months old, but my guarntee was 14 months old, and expired, result, I purchased (from Medion) a new inverter, £44.00. This lasted for about 14 months, but then also failed, I contacted Medion and was informed, "they (Medion) do not supply spares any more," I asked them where I could get a new inverter and was told to try the internet, they then informed me they could fix my laptop if I returned it to them, (£22.00 postage plus insurance) for a fixed fee of £103.00 plus parts, (inverter £44.00) I then asked them where "they" would get the spare part from, I was informed, "we have our sources", I then put the phone down. M. Browm.

  [DELETED] 15:06 28 Apr 2006

I once had a medion laptop myself it had to be repaired under insurance but they could not source any parts for the machine so I was given a replacement device.


It seems like you have had problems with the soundcard from day one there so dont let them fob you off. Keep a record of any conversations I find it always pays to get a name. I cant see the problem being down to a lack of RAM its either a software problem or hardware. The only real way I find to rule out software issues is to do a clean installation of XP and then leave it run for a while before adding any other software on.

If its in the hands of medion now hopefully they will do something like that to rule out software issues. If it is a hardware fault then as the sound chip is onboard the motherboard they will most likely replace the motherboard for you.

As I say keep on the ball with it. As you have had the problem for a fairly long time now make sure that they sort it and dont give you the out of warrenty line.

Good luck

  [DELETED] 16:27 15 May 2006

well, folks- i finally got my refund 2 days ago, after medion had told me twice that they were waiting for proof of purchase, and i told them twice that it had been included with the returned machine-as they'd originally requested. had to fax it to them again, in the end. the refund came within a week of this, so in that respect i can't really complain. i'm just a little miffed about the lead-up. i'd waited for 2 weeks after the machine was returned, and not having had my refund yet i contacted them. i was told that the refund request had just gone from their technical dept. to their finance dept.-and i was left with the impression that i would have my money by the next friday. the proof of purchase wasn't mentioned in any respect, and i knew i'd sent it so i'd assumed there was no problem. the end of the week came, and all i got was a message saying that they couldn't issue a refund without proof of purchase. i rang them, and told them it was sent back with the machine. the young chap i spoke to apologised, and said he'd pass this info on to the correct person. i emphasised the fact that i wanted this all quickly sorted as i needed a computer for coursework-the refund would pay for a new one. another week went by, and i got exactly the same message again. did it honestly take them another week to check out that they didn't have the info? what did they do with it in the first place?
as i said, i faxed the proof in the end. in all, it has taken me nearly a month to get my money back. whilst i'm not going to sit here and rain all-hellfire and damnation on medion concerning this entire episode (including all the time i sat here with a computer that obviously wasn't going to work,and all the times they were supposed to have sorted it out), i can most definitely say 'once bitten, twice shy...':-(

  [DELETED] 18:56 15 May 2006

Glad to hear you got a refund in the end it does seem like companies are all to quick to take ya money these days.

Anyways as I said gald you got it resolved and enjoy ya new purchase whatever you choose to go for.

  [DELETED] 12:29 17 May 2006

thanks fot that- i've gone for a Dell 6400...a lot of people i know seemed to recommend them (Dell) and they are what we use at work, and this particular machine seemed to suit my needs and was within my price range. i'll just have to see how it goes...:-)

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