Medion Laptop

  DerekR 19:21 13 Jan 2006

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Any of you knowlegeable chaps and chapessess any opinions on this here Medion Laptop? Seems to meet everything I want it to do - and more!

I have 2 x medion PC's, and have not had one issue with either of them - excellent machines indeed.

Just interested if anyone has one, and how they perform before I head off and shelve out 600 smackers on it. Seems excellent value to me.

  kinger 16:09 15 Jan 2006

Go for it, then.

  wjrt 21:36 15 Jan 2006

would rather have this one if you can go for it

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  spuds 22:18 15 Jan 2006

Medion are very good 're-badged' products, but whatever you do, do not buy the last in stock display model.Medion may well class this as 2nd user (secondhand)and void their warranty. Long story and been along that route :o(

  DerekR 00:06 16 Jan 2006

Thanks chapes for your considered opinions - no one gave a negative as I suspected, so I think it will be the 3.2 version - meets everything I need, and will match up with the 2 medions I already have!

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