Medion Lap Top

  [DELETED] 17:49 19 Nov 2003

Toys-R-Us are offering what appears to be a cracking machine with a suberb spec. for £999.
I am very tempted to buy one as a desk top replacement.Has anyone here got one? or alternatively know anyone who has one ,or even stood next to a man in a pub who knows someone who has one.
Not that I am lacking in confidence or anything like that you understand ?

  [DELETED] 20:24 19 Nov 2003

My neighbours daughter has a mate who's going out with this chap who sez his bosses nephew's fiance has a brother who nearlly bought on.

  rickf 08:27 20 Nov 2003

If it helps, I have the Medion MD 2552 with 15.2 widescreen for the past 5 months and I can't fault it. Very good TFT screen and the speakers included are better than others I have heard. You actually enjoy music through them. Medion is a reputable manufacturer and a search in this forum will tell that you can buy with confidence.

  [DELETED] 08:53 20 Nov 2003

Thanks for that rickf I,ll go for it and report back in due course.

  [DELETED] 09:44 20 Nov 2003

I bought one a few months back and cant fault it, a very good machine for the money. I looked at alot of laptops before I bought it and this one had the best spec I could find for the money.

The only thing I would mention is the Harddrive. It's partioned into 3. C drive which is 20GB and is the main drive, program files etc, D which is 13GB which has all the backup programs. I use it to store all downloaded programs executiables and E which is 6GB and is used for recovery. The fact you get a disk that will re-format the C drive back to how you the machine was when you got it out of the box (but not touch the D or E drive) is very handy if there are any problems (not that I've had any).

All in all a very good machine which has all the ports (4 USB 2.0 firewire, ethernet memeory card reader & Wi-Fi) you could want.

If you want a desktop replacment it a well worth the money, but if your going to use it on the move be warned the battery life is only about 2-3 hours.

Also if you open a Toys-R-Us account you can get 12months intrest free credit.

  rickf 10:08 20 Nov 2003

I agree with Jason. The only shortcoming is the battery life as stated. It may be worth satating that responsible manufacturer's always partitioned the H/d supplied and the back up partition is veru useful. Reading another thread on this forum, please check that you are supplied with two disks. One is the Win XP Recovery and, the other, the Application Support disk which restores to factory sttings easily should things go wrong.

  rickf 10:09 20 Nov 2003

Satating? stating. veru? very, Eyes failing with age.

  [DELETED] 10:44 20 Nov 2003

Thanks Guys ,very useful tips.

  [DELETED] 10:57 20 Nov 2003

I got both disks the Win XP Recovery & the Application Support disk.

When you buy the laptop you can also get a case for half price (£20 instead of £40) and I also got a Beklin optical mouse for £9.99

Another plus point is that you won't get the sales assistant spending 30mins trying to flog you the extended warranty

  Stuartli 11:30 20 Nov 2003

Medion is more a rebadger than a manufacturer, but its products are of good quality and it has a UK support division.

Most laptops are manufactured by a handful of companies, mostly in the Far East, and it should be reasonably easy to spot which particular laptop has been rebadged by Medion.

Then it's just a case of finding reviews etc and comparing prices with other makes, although Medion prices are very competitive.

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