Medion hitch

  Severn Bore 21:08 29 Nov 2008

Have just read the closed thread about a Medion PC failing to load Vista.
About three weeks ago I bought a Medion from Tesco to replace a very reliable Medion bought from Aldi about 4 years ago. All has gone well with the PC until the past couple of days. When I switch on the boot process stalls when the "Intel" logo appears. I have left the PC for up to 10 minutes to see if it will proceed, but to no avail. I have to switch off the PC -sometimes a couple of times - and restart before it fully boots, when it then runs impeccably. I have tried a defrag, although there is little on the HD at present.
Any ideas on what might be the problem?

  daveeb 21:15 29 Nov 2008

Do you have more than one drive on the machine ?

If so You could try swapping the sata port the data drive is connected to. A short term fix may be to reseat the memory, although in my experience it will happen again.

  curofone 21:45 29 Nov 2008

My medion laptop does something very similar annoying but not really a massive a problem, I am not trying to hijack the thread here but thought it might be relevent as it does kind of sound like the same problem and i have ruled out all the major hardware components.

When my machine turn on it will do all the normal posting stuff and when it comes to detecting the hard drive sometimes it wont so you get the relevent bios beeps to say no HDD detected (does yours do the same), restart the computer and 9 times out of 10 will boot straight up into windows and the other 1 time it will do the same so just anohter restart required.

As for diagnosing the problem well firstly i thought the hdd could be at fault so ran Western Digital HDD checker on that(it is a wd hdd) and that came back fine, also dumped the hdd into another laptop i had lying about and never had a boot problem once. Secondly though it could be the motherbored and i thought this would later be confirmed when i actually had the motherbored replaced for unrelated problem (it got fried due to overheating and stopped posting altogether) but when i got the machine back the problem remained. Next easiest thing to check was the RAM I have an extra 2gb stick in my machine so i removed that, still the same problem, put the 2gb stick and removed the original 1gb stick, still the same problem, also ran a memory checker and all them came back fine, left me pretty stumpted as the only thing left was processor but really can not see how that would cause a HDD not to be detected and only other thing i could think of was a dodgy bios but no bios update around so can not rule that out.

Now i do not know if your problem is the same as mine but the way you descibed it it does to me and if it is the same sorry i am all out of ideas lol. Although as yours is only 3 weeks old your should be able to return it to tesco within the next week and exchange it or if you are like me you just learn to live with it.

  Severn Bore 10:21 30 Nov 2008

Thanks for the suggestions; I will follow them up. I had thought about returning the PC to Tescos, but frankly, can't be bothered with clearing the HDD and then having to set up a new machine all over again. When I switched on the PC this morning there were no problems - started sweet as a nut - so will probably live with it, like curofone.

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