Medion Customer Service experience.

  canarieslover 14:28 27 Feb 2010

My Medion PC screen froze and when I re-booted there was no output signal from the graphics card. As it was still under warranty I contacted Medion and was most impressed that I got a return label and details of the carrier two days later in the post. I rang the carrier and within two hours they were there to pick up my PC. I was really impressed now, but unfortunately that was where the impressing stopped. The note with the RMA indicated that the repair would be completed within ten working days so I rang their hotline two weeks later to inquire what progress had been made. WWe will find out and get back to you," was the reply. Three days later I got an automated e-mail to say that it had arrived with Medion. Hooray! I thought, prematurely as it turned out. It meant it had arrived at their repair centre in Germany and that the ten working days would start now. Eleven wotking days later I got another automated e-mail to advise me that it had been shipped, and a link to the carriers website so that I could track it. Unfortunately they neglected to include a tracking number and again I had to get onto the hotline (premium rate) to get a tracking number. Between shipping in Germany and finally arriving a my home was another six days and the day it was delivered I sat in until 5pm waiting for it to arrive, 38 days after it had failed. I believe it had covered 1500 miles in that time, at what cost I would not know either in £'s or to the environment. What it cost Medion, over and above the financial cost, was a disgruntled customer who will probably never buy or recommend their product again. Thankfully the repair seems to be
satisfactory ,otherwise I would be really angry. How much easier it would have been to have a repair centre based in this country.

  Forum Editor 15:21 27 Feb 2010

is that you got your original monitor back - it's not unusual in the industry for faulty monitors to be replaced with reconditioned ones.

I can see that you might think it would be easier for Medion to have a repair centre here, in the UK, but it obviously isn't easier as far as the company is concerned.

  961 16:08 27 Feb 2010

I would gently say that just because a repair centre is in this country in no way says it's going to be quicker than your experience. Just have a look at some of the threads on this forum

Medion is a German company and with the wafer thin profit margins in the computer industry these days you can appreciate they can't have reconditioning centres all over, especially with customers like Aldi stamping on their profit margins all the time

  canarieslover 16:31 27 Feb 2010

It wasn't the monitor. There was no output from graphics card so it was the PC at fault. Original PC came back and surprise was that they did not wipe the drive with a re-install.


All I was suggesting was that for customer satisfaction purposes it would probably be of more benefit to have 'local' repair facilities.

Probably my experience is common but it is the first time that I have returned anything under warranty that ha taken this long to sort out. Maybe I've been lucky.

  spuds 17:39 27 Feb 2010

Medion might be a German company with offices in other locations, but not all their goods are of 'Medion' manufacturer, as you may well find they could be re-badged products.

I have a number of 'Medion' products, including a very good monitor, which is now about 6 or more years old, and still giving very good daily service. The monitor was purchased from Staples as a 'unused' display model, because Staples at the time were selling many Medion products, many on special promotional offers.

When I registered the Medion 3 year warranty, Medion accepted it, but three days later Medion contacted me to state that the warranty was void "due to the monitor being a second user product" (Staples had used it as a display model!). Very long story, that involved Staples, Medion and myself being involved in telephone calls, letter writing etc. Medion eventually accepted the 1st year (which was covered by consumer law with the retailer). As I stated earlier, a very long story, which ended up with Staples taking on the full 3 year warranty for the monitor, and Medion sales seemed to declined slightly at Staples after that.

  jakimo 14:00 02 Mar 2010

Medion warranty repairs were originally carried out by Medion in Swindon,in those days a colleague had his PC collected repaired and returned within 6 days,as opposed to mine which went to Germany just recently and the turn around took 53 days.

  canarieslover 14:31 02 Mar 2010

It could be going back again!! They have replaced the PSU but the new one is showing signs of instability. Fan speeds are varying from 950 - 3800 rpm with very little load on CPU. Temperatures are also increasing and decreasing with very little load. I have just installed Speedfan to see if I can control it better. I think that rather than take advantage of the warranty I may replace the PSU myself. At least I can decide what quality of replacement I want and get the job done in an hour, plus shopping time of course.

  BRYNIT 15:49 02 Mar 2010


If you decide to replace the PSU yourself keep the original. If you have to send the computer back under warranty due to other faults it needs to be returned to Medion with original parts as you purchased it or they will not repair the computer.

  canarieslover 18:36 02 Mar 2010

I don't think I want to be without it for another 5 - 6 weeks so I would be prepared to take the route of doing my own diagnosis and repairs if needed.

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