Medion coputer problems

  Rwstill 15:57 21 Jun 2004

I bought a Medion computer in April, from Aldie £750.
In that time it as worked for 29 days. I have had two problems with it and both as been a graphics board that don't work.
The latest problem started on June 4th they are wieghting for graphics cards to come from Germany!
A few questions as any one else had this problem?
In desperation I bought a graphics card to tide me over, but on opening the machine, found that it's not a standed AGP graphic card in there, the board I bought will not come up high enough to put the screw in, can anyone conferm this.
I bought it as it was recomended by Computer active.

  zebbydog 18:08 21 Jun 2004

I bought the Medion MD 8080XL from Aldi and had the graphics card fail after 6 weeks it took them 10 weeks to get a replacement from Germany.
I fitted one from my old pc and it was ok plugged straight in it was a Nvidia.

  Rwstill 20:00 21 Jun 2004

Thanks Zebbydog
Mine is more resent md8083.
The card is ATI Radeon 9800 XXL, I have not seen it advertized anywhere.
It as tv and radio, that why,probably,there are wires atached, sound and arials.
But like I said the card seem to be higher up, and the one I bought don't look as if it will fit.
thanks again

  Dragon Heart 23:54 21 Jun 2004

I too have the MD8083 with the ATI Radeon 9800 XXL card. Went to boot my PC yesterday, OK up to Desktop screen then it froze. Rebooted then nothing ! Just waiting for a reply back from Hotline.

You say it's not a standee AGP graphic card , looks like it to me, I can only think the retaining clip at the back of the board (to hold it in place during transit) is in the way.

The ATI Radeon 9800 XXL is a Medion special but should be interchangeable. I have an old card from my Dell so will give it a try if no immediate joy from Medion.

  SEASHANTY 00:06 22 Jun 2004


  Dragon Heart 00:36 22 Jun 2004

click here

It claims the graphics cards for Medion are manufactured by MSI !

  duckers 11:53 22 Jun 2004

Most likely as MSI is a large manufacturer of OEM equipment.
If many peiople have had teh graphics card fail then that sounds like an inherent fault in the card, not the computer (although the card is part of the computer) so really it is somethig thats out of medions control as the quality will be checked at the MSI factory.

  SEASHANTY 15:42 22 Jun 2004

The ATI Radeon 9800 Pro should work in the Medion PC but it isn't all that cheap
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  duckers 15:49 22 Jun 2004

it aint a pro, its a 9800 XXL.

  SEASHANTY 16:37 22 Jun 2004

I know - I just said the ATI Pro should also work in this PC

  Rwstill 18:46 22 Jun 2004

Thanks for the replies.
Dragon heart the problems I have had are, on the first card after about an hour the screen would go all garbled, boot back up then ok for a period it varied, this happend 5 days after I bought it.
The second card went for 21 days, then all of a sudden the screen went blank. when I phoned Medion thay said it was my monitor. It's a Mitsubishi diamond pro 19 inch, had it same time April this year. I phoned Mitsubichi, they said with no argument they will send me another Monday that was three days away, so I thought ok great.
They deliverd it as promised but not new recondition.Tried it on the Medion screen blank again. So it's only since I have had a lend of a computer that I could try the monitor they sent.
And have found that the contrast as to be turned right,up and its still not a good picture,Bit of a hard luck story,had to get it off my chest

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