Medion computer update

  Rwstill 19:49 02 Jul 2004

About two weeks ago I wrote about problems with my Medion computer, the graphic card packed up second time.
Well today someone came and fixed it, it’s ok now, for good I hope.
I asked him if any graphic card will work on the machine.
The card that comes with the machine is a special medion card.
I said when I wrote before that they won’t, well he says they will, and the wires connected to the original board just don’t connect them.
Someone did write to say they done it with an earlier model.
Well well as I was saying just before the machine decided to reboot, why should it do that, I ask myself.

My model number is Medion Titanium md 8083.
So if anyone is having problems with the graphic card and they have to wait a month they could try another card.

Now, why did it reboot?


  spuds 20:49 02 Jul 2004

This graphic card problem as become an headache for many people and Medion. Reading in another computer magazines help column, it would appear that the magazine in question as taken up the issue with Medion. Doesn,t look very good!.

  Gaz 25 01:46 03 Jul 2004

ummm, medions are ussually ok.

My medion PC has gone awfully slow - think it must have a fault but its out of its warranty and I cant find a hardware fault myself - may just need a windows format so I will try that first.

Anyway, shame medion have failed on this model.

  zebbydog 10:01 03 Jul 2004

Good look with the new card, i am the one with the 8080 model with a replacment card and still going ok. I still have an old card to stick in if it fails again and takes weeks to replace.


  Rwstill 14:03 03 Jul 2004

Zebbydog, for the life of me I could'nt remember your name when I wrote. Yes thats a good idea to have a spare card ready. I think i'll buy nVida next time had more luck with them, nothing to expensive just one thats up to date.

Spuds, whats the name of the mag you read about this Medion card I would like to have a look at it.



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