MEDION - after-sales service EXCELLENT

  g0slp 15:32 30 Apr 2004

Bought a Medion Laptop from PCW in January. (Badged 'Microstar'). Screen packed up 8 days ago. Phoned PCW, who told me to call Medion direct. Phoned them; courier pickup arranged for the following day. Representative on phone extremely helpful. Courier (UPS) collected exactly at time agreed.

Had phone call yesterday from Medion to say that machine had been repaired, & would be sent out that day.

Courier has just delivered machine - good as new.

Very impressed with Medion; I've used some of their equipment before, and on this showing would not hesitate to either buy more of their machines/accessories, or recommend them to others

I don't know if they have a presence on this forum, but I'm going to drop them a note of thanks anyway.

  rickf 16:18 30 Apr 2004

Really good to hear as Medion has recently been slated for bad service.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:22 30 Apr 2004

'Really good to hear as Medion has recently been slated for bad service' a FEW people out of the thousands that bought them.


  dje 19:06 30 Apr 2004

1 of the FEW I GUESS i found the exact opposite not interested and I'm not 1 to complain

  spuds 22:15 30 Apr 2004

It's a shame really that Medion have a very good product, which I have praised within these forums on many occassions, but it would also seem as though they have two standards of after sales service.In this case as g0slp as stated had received excellent service, but in my case a simple dispute over a warranty registration was far from excellent in the way Medion dealt with it.My dispute was due to a purchase of a Medion monitor from Staples. Staples had used the monitor as a show display model, not plugged in or working, just laying on a display shelf etc. Medion excepted the registration of the warranty, then three days later they notified me that the warranty was void and would not be honoured, [because I had been honest and informed them in casual discussion that the model had been on display]as they regarded the monitor used and as such second hand item.Staples became involved, and Medion then decided that they would give me a one year warranty instead of two years cover as per warranty card and registration.Eventually Staples took over the issue, and they undertook the full warranty cover.I found it was an impossible task to speak to anyone in a managerial role at Medion,as all messages had to be relayed via a third party.

  zebbydog 10:59 01 May 2004

Great products at good prices but the repair service to me was not so good.

But very happy with the products 8080 pc and 17" tft and would buy again, Zebbydog

  g0slp 10:07 02 May 2004

However, as it says at the top of Consumerwatch

Whether you've got gripes or praiseworthy comments to make, share them with others in our Consumerwatch forum.

Very few of us (myself included) give praise when it's due; I was merely trying to redress the balance.

To those who've not had such good service, my sympathies. I know the feeling, from other companies. Perhaps it's the luck of the draw as to who deals with individual problems, particularly at larger firms

Happy 'puting all

Mark g0slp

  spuds 11:40 02 May 2004

It is great to hear of other peoples praises, and this is what this forum is for.As you state, we do not give enough praise were it is warranted,but that is modern day life I suspect.You sound a little dispondent in your closing reply, but I think that I and the other members were not condeming your post, but just adding our own personal experiences. As we have all stated, Medion produce a great product,and as I have stated, I would recommend it to anyone, but in my case and I suspect others, the administration side could have been a great deal better, and more after-sales friendly.

Best regards-- spuds

  g0slp 12:37 02 May 2004

Modern life - great, isn't it!

Cheers & beers
Mark g0slp

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