Medion 8383 TV Card - Has anyone got it sussed yet

  Nullgrad 12:01 30 Nov 2004

I'm still puzzled by the onboard TV card on the Medion 8383.Even when it finds some channels and I try and record them it crashes.

I decided to install my Nebula Digi TV card and it works fine. I just wish the Medion system would work the same way.

  Modo 13:14 30 Nov 2004

The best I've heard is 2 people in Yorkshire with a reasonable number of channels. But the experience widely reported is no it barely works if at all.

From the skydigital forums I'm aware of one person who has got a Medion enginner appointment booked. Sounds similar to you in that he has got the full set through a separate card.

Also one person says he is going to load a Linux based PVR - MythKnoppix - and see if that get the card to respond.

It record the 5 terrestrial channels it has found for us fine. But the process of connecting to the TV set and controlling the computer can be very temperamental.

  Nullgrad 13:47 30 Nov 2004

Well hopefully the Medion engineer will be able to resolve it and then that guy can maybe post on the forum for the rest of us...(lol).

  Funtycunk 13:48 30 Nov 2004

I've been posting my progress over at click here as 'Kettle' but the activity seems to have slowed down, so I thought I'd consolitate with yous...

Nothing much new to report from me really - still got my 4 digital channels - still nothing worth watching on any of them ;)
I have had success recording terestrial channels - no problems to report there at all, 'though some flexibility with recording settings would have been nice: choice of resolution, codecs, compression levels...

I also tried installing Meedio and Showshifter PVRs, but I can't get either of them to work with the card at all.

Where is this SkyDigital forum? I'd like to keep an eye on that one.

I'm on the brink of upgrading my aerial to try and rule that factor out of the equation, but I'm reluctant to do that as its unlikely to yield many more channels judging by others' reports.

Hope this gets sorted out soon...I'd rather not return an otherwise excellent PC.

  Modo 14:10 30 Nov 2004

I see you've found your way here Kettle! The other site will provide an excellent log for future reference so don't give up completely on it. But my feeling is that the users of this forum, being pcadvisor may have a better grasp of the technical issues.

As I post this link

click here

this thread on digital spy is showing 3,238 viewings!!!

  Stuartli 14:43 30 Nov 2004

Other people are also having problems it seems. See:

click here

for a translated version of some of them.

More (need translating) at:

click here=

  Funtycunk 14:59 30 Nov 2004

Stuartli, no problems specific to DVB problems that I can see there. From what I can gather, the DVB issues would appear to be only in the UK / England, and that would suggest that there's either something significantly different in Germany either with their digital TV infrastructure, or the German release of the software on these PCs.

  yoghurt 19:26 30 Nov 2004

As this machine is German, do you think they thought of UK usage when it was designed?

  Templar1961 22:59 30 Nov 2004

Recorded two programmes on analogue tonight - digital reception is too poor on the four channels I can pick up!

Used highest quality to record and each programme was split into two files? Is there a reason for this?

  Modo 09:06 01 Dec 2004

Nullgrad is this problem resolved? The box has been ticked.

I'm still to hear of anyone who has managed to fine tune the card and get digital reception, or improved digital reception better than the first scan.

I note another person on digitalsky is on to the Medion engineer. Let's hope they report the results back. I'll link anything I find on this thread.

  Nullgrad 13:01 01 Dec 2004

Sorry about that Modo - it was me ticking the resolved box by's a pity this problem is spoiling what otherwise is an excellent machine.

The only other problem I have is that some of UK Freeview channels broadcast using different frequencies and this can affect the recordings if you intend to convert to DVD (vob) files for playing on a Hardware DVD Player, but thats for another thread.

I notice Aldi are selling a Tevion DVD Recorder for £120 this week - DVD Recorders are a lot less hassle for recording TV on than TV Cards....even my Nebula TV Card isn't 100% reliable.(I may get one myself.......)

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