Medion 19" TFT Monitor, £89.99, Aldi Thurs 23 July

  ford_transit 18:15 19 Jul 2009

Colleagues, I've just spotted this - does anyone have any comment on whether it might be a good buy? I'd use it for general work, documents, e-mail, web browsing, audio editing (good old Audacity), chopping ad-breaks out of tv progs &c. Not needed for gaming or other demanding work.

If you can think of anything better at similar price, please mention that, too.

click here

Regards to all, thanks for previous help.

  [email protected] 18:22 19 Jul 2009

How about this? click here

  chub_tor 19:40 19 Jul 2009

Or this click here or even click here

  chub_tor 19:41 19 Jul 2009

Sorry meant this one click here

  Stuartli 23:07 20 Jul 2009

Medion doesn't actually manufacture any products, it re-badges specialist manufacturers' goods and distributes them through its retail partners in Europe and the States.

  mehtdosa11 15:46 21 Jul 2009

medion use quality parts in their laptops, for instance, as stuarti says, but the build finish tends to be a bit cheap and plastic-y [if that makes sense]
you can pick-up a 22" lg for about £125 on amazon or this 19" one
click here

  Stuartli 18:21 21 Jul 2009

I've never said that - I pointed out that Medion doesn't actually manufacture any products...:-)

  Stuartli 18:26 21 Jul 2009

If you go to:

click here >Company tab>Company Overview, you'll be able to discover Germany-based Medion's business philosophy.

  birdface 10:44 23 Jul 2009

With the Aldi monitor you get 3 years warranty with it.So maybe worth thinking about.

  ford_transit 18:41 23 Jul 2009

Thanks, guys (and gals?) for your contributions.
Buteman's reminder about 3-year warranty was the clincher for me, so I went and picked one up this afternoon. Collecting is (for me) easier than having to be in for the delivery van (and then missing it!).
It's set up and working fine, for the price.
Although not mentioned in print or on-screen, there's vga, DVI and audio cables in the box.
Again thanks to all and best wishes.

  spuds 19:05 23 Jul 2009

Perhaps one note of warning, I hope that you didn't purchase a display model!.

I purchased a Medion monitor from Staples, that had been removed from its box and placed on a display shelf (last one available in store). In the process the instruction book was misplaced, so I ask Medion for a copy (which I had to purchase) at the same time I registered the 3 year warranty.

Long story, but Medion accepted the warranty, then 2 days later informed me that the warranty was nul and void 'because the monitor was 2nd user!). As I stated, it was a long story, and in the end Staples covered the warranty. Medion did come back later, and offered a 12 month warranty, but refused to honour the remaining 2 years.

Must say though, that I use a number of Medion (re-badged) products, and I cannot fault anyone of them. Very good value for money and most reliable products. In fact the monitor is still working fine and without problems, after about 5/6 years daily usage.

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