Storik 20:10 12 Dec 2005

Has anyone here had dealings with MYDV? These appear to be a UK firm, but I have since found out, despite the prices for items being in GB £'s, the firm is actually run from America.


On the 9th November, I ordered two PSP Value packs from this company - and from their home page received an invoice totalling £339.98 - I sent them an email asking about delivery etc.

There was no reply to that email or the subsequent five I sent - and no confirmation of the order. I tried telephoning them on the telephone name provided, but only got an American voice telling me that the box was full and couldn't received any more calls.

On the 17th November, I sent an email cancelling the order, but found that my credit card had already been debited to the tune of £366.66.

Despite the cancellation, these items arrived today. They were Japanese imports - no English manual, - easily downloaded this. There was no power lead that could be used in the UK and several of the items supposedly included in the "Value Pack" - ie. PSP Memory Stick Duo 32MB, PSP Headphones with Remote Control & PSP Soft Case and Hand strap, are all missing.

I cannot contact these people by email, "live chat" or telephone - and have no postal address for them.

Has anyone any suggestions as to how I can return the consoles and get my money back, or get the missing items?

Any help would be gratefully recieved.


  Storik 20:19 12 Dec 2005

Having read some of the posts in this forum site, I think I'm probably flogging a dead horse.

click here

  Totally-braindead 20:27 12 Dec 2005

The only suggestion I can offer is to contact your credit card company and see if they will help.

  De Marcus™ 22:46 12 Dec 2005

Your CC company would be my first port of call. Trading standards should also be at least notified.

  Forum Editor 23:12 12 Dec 2005

Your credit card company should be your first (and urgent) port of call. If your card has been charged with more than the total amount recorded on the invoice, and no good explanation has been forthcoming, there's possibly a fraud here, and the card company can act to place a credit back to your card account.

They'll do nothing unless you contact them with full details, so do that immediately.

The fact that there are items missing from the delivery, and that there's no response from this company, is unsettling to say the least, and I think you may end up having to abandon any thoughts of getting what you ordered.

  Storik 23:30 12 Dec 2005

On finding that that there was a descrepancy between the sum of money on the invoice and the amount deducted from my credit card, I DID contact my credit company. I did explain that I was unable to contact the company involved and the girl on the other end of the phone seemed pretty optimistic. That was before I actually received these items.

However, I received a letter from Lloyds which stated that I would have to obtain a "refund voucher" from the company and various other odds and sods. From a company I couldn't contact?

I should have mentioned that the postage box containing the consoles had been opened and resealed, and someone has suggested that the missing items may have been removed in transit. How do I prove that? The whole thing is a flipping mess - I saved best part of six months pension to get my grandsons these things and am thoroughly sick! Sorry to rant on, but it's the first time I've had trouble like this on the internet, and thought I was dealing with a UK firm.

I'll just try other avenues - have already made a complaint to an internet watchdog (UK)and will try the consumer people - but don't give out much hope. Been done well and truly - blacker than an overcooked Christmas turkey. :(

  spuds 00:23 13 Dec 2005

Have a word with these people click here or your local trading standards department. You have stated that you have already contacted your credit card company,and they would now have a record of your concern. Get in touch with them again, asking for their assistance, as you consider that fraud may have taken place regarding payments that were taken without you authority.Also make it quite clear to them that the company is not responding to you calls, so you are unable to provide refund vouchers.

I find it strange that a credit card company would ask for refund vouchers, as they should well know that a refund voucher is a document when a refund as been given, and in your case, the company is not communicating with you. I would also point out to the credit card company, that you are also unable to contact the seller by telephone, due to an overloaded system.

If you contact consumerdirect or your local trading standards, ask if you would be covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.If they confirm that you would be covered under that Act, then you would have a very big advantage in getting help in solving the problem.

  Storik 00:33 13 Dec 2005

Will contact the consumer direct first thing in the morning.

I really appreciate yours and everyone's help - sorry to sound so fed up, but looks like Christmas presents will be delayed this year. :(

Oh well, Santa will just have to work overtime. :)

You have all earned you angel first class wings.


  slimes 23:46 15 Dec 2005

I have also spoken to my credit card company who have asked me to hang on and see if good (camcorder) arrives. otherwise they say they will pursue a refund.
I have had the same god-awful experience with these people as others. Constant efforts (and I mean days and days) to get response from these people but virtually nothing in reply. Finally managed to get an online converstion with a person who has ensured that my camcorder will be disptached before the end of this week - its now Thursday and I do not expect to hear anything by tomorrow.
I am staggered at the inefficiency of this company. Don't be fooled by the half-decent website. These people are not the real-deal and should not be trusted.
I have planned my biggest trip abroad in the last 10 years and was really looking forward to documenting the whole thing with my new piece of kit but now it looks as though this will be highly unlikely.
I shall also speak to trading Stndards

  Cannuck 08:57 16 Dec 2005

Check this website out

Seems the extra charge is because the company change your GB Pounds into US Dollars, thus the extra charge on your credit card.

Looks like they are being investigated already.

Good luck solving your problem


  Storik 09:04 16 Dec 2005

I have eventually, thanks to help from another of disgruntled customers, managed to actually contact them on the telephone. A Mr Tom Lucas, who I must confess was polite and helpful, has assured me that all the missing items from the PSP "Value Packs" will be forwarded to me in time for Christmas and that the descrepancy between the sum on my invoice and the sum charged to my credit card account, will be rectified.

Whether will honour these promises will have to be seen. Only time will tell!

Slime: Camcorders, PSP's etc. ARE beeing received from - although some people appear to have compatibility problems with their camcorders - US models apparently. See the link in my second posting.

Just to reiterate, this company, although it appears to be, and indeed Google and others will include it in their UK search, ARE NOT A UK COMPANY - their prices, although in GBP, WILL BE CHARGED IN USD and what is more, this increases, for someone unknown reason, the price of the advertised items. BE WARNED!!!


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