McAfee subscription - how to cancel

  Kuching 15:35 04 May 2010

I have been subscribing to McAfee' security software for some time and up to last year, they have always sent me reminders about renewing my subscription to continue enjoying their protection. My subscription is due for renewal on 30.5.10 but on 30.4.10, they advised me via email that they had charged me for my next renewal. If I wanted to cancel, they would refund me within the next 60 days. But there is no way of contacting them, by phone or email. Their phone is dead, email is blanked out, and their 'internet chat' comes back with some negative response. I feel I am being bullied into submission and I would be grateful if someone can advise me how to put an end to this.

  961 16:04 04 May 2010

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They really are awful when you want to cancel

This is the UK stuff and if it comes to the end, write to them and kick up a fuss

You can also try 01753 217492 or e-mail
[email protected]

He is UK based and although corporate will probably have a pa that will put you to the guy that can cancel

If you paid by credit card (which I guess you did) complain to them to and say you want a refund under s75

  Sheepish 18:09 04 May 2010

If you have an account try here
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  birdface 19:36 04 May 2010

I would imagine it is illegal for McAfee to charge you without asking you first.
Norton[Symantec] Have already had massive fines imposed on them for doing the exact same thing.

  birdface 19:44 04 May 2010

10-30 waiting time to phone maybe better with the e-mail it only takes 1-2 days.

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  Kuching 19:47 04 May 2010

I have rung the number you gave and left a message. Hopefully, he will respond. Otherwise, I shall do as you suggest and write to them as well as the credit card company.

  ronalddonald 20:02 04 May 2010

I would write and email as well you wait for them to reply by phone

  961 20:06 04 May 2010

Many purchase agreements using credit cards for payment include in the terms and conditions a clause that provides an automatic renewal in 12 months unless you tick a box to decline

The trouble is we don't bother to read the small print

It's not illegal, many magazine subscriptions do exactly the same

  Kuching 21:09 04 May 2010

I have taken your advice and emailed them as well. I shall, however, write to them and the credit company if I do not get any response by the end of the week.

Knowing how some firms like to sneak in unfavourable terms into their contracts, I can accept that I may have inadvertently agreed to their automatic renewal. But I maintain that it should be illegal for them to charge a full month in advance, offer you the chance to cancel, and then make it well nigh impossible for you to do so. This is quite underhand and bad business practice, and lost them my custom.

  birdface 22:24 04 May 2010

Symontec Fines.

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Not sure if it would also lead to lawsuites against McAfee.

  birdface 09:02 05 May 2010

Another way would be to check with your bank to see if they have already taken the amount from it.
If not cancel any direct debits from McAfee.

Their last big update Fiasco must be going to cost them a fortune as it has been reported that they will pay for any damage caused to anyones computers that was caused by the faulty update.
So maybe this is there way of helping to pay for it by charging their customers for renewal before they actually decide to leave.

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