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MBS Billing - No bill

  OldBlue 20:25 31 Mar 2008

Looked at my google history a couple of weeks ago and noticed a file as here " 1003 3 is validphp" in Feb '08. The next entry was early March and since then it appears ever time I switch on. It acts as a counter and increases by one every time I switch on.Emailed them as didn't have tel. No. (have a No. now ,yet to try)Got an answer back asking for an account no.. I replied I did not have one so replied to say so. Same answer came back so sent email to their billing services. No reply as yet. Also I don't get any popups.I did have a run in with them around Nov. last but all was sorted out.

Any ideas of why I am getting this file or how to get rid of it? Also emailed Google, no reply

  Clapton is God 21:11 31 Mar 2008

Try typing MBS billing into the search facility. There are many threads already on this subject

  OldBlue 21:20 31 Mar 2008

Thanks but went through all that last Nov. when I had a problem with them before. Never seen this on there!

  OldBlue 14:26 14 Apr 2008

Eventually managed to find a relevant phonr no. Spoke to a very helpful lady who after a couple of false starts sent me 2cd's second of which worked and removed the software. This was despite me searching and removing 1 MBS file! Hopefully thats the end!!

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