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MBS billing

  Forum Editor 11:41 02 Sep 2007

This is a continuation of the thread that was originally posted in the Helproom. That thread ended up being 21 pages long, with over 800 posts, and has been closed. In response to requests I'm opening this here, in Consumerwatch which is a more appropriate place, so the discussion may continue.

You can read the original thread if you click here

  Forum Editor 18:11 05 Sep 2007

Save me the trouble of looking, and post a link to where you "have personally raised it elsewhere" would you?

  Forum Editor 18:53 05 Sep 2007

raises some interesting points. When I spoke to MBS

Back in May of this year, when I was preparing a magazine article about MBS I copied the terms & conditions from the website concerned. One of the statements made (about the 3 day free trial) was this:

"The administration and collection of payment from you for your membership fee may be undertaken on our behalf by MicroBill Systems Ltd......"

The words 'on our behalf' clearly indicate that someone other than MBS is the ultimate receiver of the money. It's interesting because the transfer of the domain name from the previous registrant to MBS occurred in April of this year - at least a month before the day on which I captured the statement given above.

  Forum Editor 19:06 05 Sep 2007

Of course I believe you - which is why I would be interested to read what you wrote. Why on earth should you think otherwise?

I'll look forward to seeing that link.

  wee eddie 21:27 05 Sep 2007

The term "Accommodation Address" comes to mind.

I would assume that Bristol is cheaper than Gerrard Street.

If the two Companies share staff, I'm not certain that there is a lot one can do about it unless the lawyers can pick something worthwhile on a technical error.

  wee eddie 22:05 05 Sep 2007

All it is likely to be is a Mail Room that forwards the mail

  Forum Editor 23:41 05 Sep 2007

As far as I'm aware, one person from MBS has appeared on a Radio 4 programme - the Managing director I believe.

I was interviewed for the 'You and yours' programme, and was then interviewed for a second transmission a couple of weeks later. I was also interviewed for a programme on BBC Radio Nottingham. A solicitor was interviewed on You and Yours, as was a representative from Trading Standards.

I also had several telephone conversations with the programme makers prior to the programmes going to air.

  Forum Editor 23:47 05 Sep 2007

from Mark Webb of MBS concerning my recent enquiry about the domain name issue. This is what he says:

"If you notice from the date of update, this was actioned recently and has been done so with the advice and in accordance with the regulatory bodies, to make the payment for services clearer.
There have been a number of problems in users getting in touch with the website owners. On trading standards advice and in agreement with
the Website owners, we are now listed as the registrant to make all points of contact clearer to the user.

Nothing more sinister than that.

As we have put on the forums before, we do work closely with trading standards and they offer a great deal of help in terms of advising users to understand what they are doing. We have changed the sign up processes significantly to further help the user understand what they are doing. To the point of now including the terms in the download with a further positive click to agreement before any software installs. There is
now no possibility of blindly clicking (even though there were 3 positive clicks before).

We have also removed the offline bills as we found users did not read and therefore were not aware of what the consequences were.

By reading the comments on the forums and listening to the issues, we have found the sign up rate is higher than ever so I do still welcome
as much feedback as possible.

Please let me know if you have any further questions."

  Forum Editor 06:54 06 Sep 2007

Anyone, of any age can see thousands of pornographic sites - there's no way of preventing it, and if a website is hosted on a server outside UK jurisdiction there's little chance of the police doing anything about it.

  Forum Editor 15:14 06 Sep 2007

This time to query the date of the domain name transfer to MBS.

I have a response from Mark Webb, confirming that, regardless of what may be shown on the WHOIS record, the actual date of transfer was 31st July 2007.

  Forum Editor 09:30 07 Sep 2007

That's OK - I could find nothing suspicious on the site in question.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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