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MBS billing

  Forum Editor 11:41 02 Sep 2007

This is a continuation of the thread that was originally posted in the Helproom. That thread ended up being 21 pages long, with over 800 posts, and has been closed. In response to requests I'm opening this here, in Consumerwatch which is a more appropriate place, so the discussion may continue.

You can read the original thread if you click here

  Forum Editor 19:00 13 Dec 2007

Any more rude comments alonmg the lines of "As you say, you don't have the problem, so I suggest you keep quiet."

Will be deleted without warning or explanation. If you can't post here without being rude it might be better not to post at all. People offer advice here with the best intentions, they give up their own time to do it, and some of them - like spuds - have been doing it for many years. We depend on such people for our continued success, and the very least they should expect is that they won't be on the receiving end of plain bad manners.

  OldBlue 14:01 31 Dec 2007

I got caught by this ,partly my own fault so right or wrong I paid up and asked them to remove their software. Which they did. A few weeks down the line I needed to look thro Google history and there was a line there with MBS on it and a number. I looked again a few days later and the number had increased. I must assume this is some kind if counter that kicks in every time you go onto the internet.
I emailed them, not now having the phone No. and suprise, nothing. That was 2 weeks ago. They are out of luck if they ask for more money.
Apparently they only know the number assigned to your computer not your name etc.. Change computer and it goes away.

This may have come up before but I could'nt go thro all of the previous posts.

Hapyy New Year to you all!!!

  wee eddie 15:09 31 Dec 2007

A possible answer to your conundrum.

By paying the MBS Bill you have purchased access/membership to their sites for a period of time, I think that it's 3 months.

I assume that this is recording the time until you no longer have access to the site.

  OldBlue 16:43 31 Dec 2007

Wee Eddie.
Fair comment. I hope what you say turns out to be true. I was trying to see if anyone else had had this happen. Worded it wrongly!!

The point still stands that they do not answer emails!

  OldBlue 20:06 31 Dec 2007

MBS get to you via your IP address which as far as I know each compuyer has it's own IP address so anyone who used that computer could realistically access the sites but would need a password for each site. You would only be able to access the sites from a different computer if that computers IP address was paid up. I'm no expert but this would seem the logical way for it to work.Even if you used another computer the bill would still rack up on the other one.

There must a way I think to trace where you live via your IP address but as I said I'm no expert. Perhaps there is somone on the forum who does know how they would be able to physically contact you!!

  Forum Editor 01:46 01 Jan 2008

if your Internet Service Provider divulges your personal details to a third party, and that will not happen in these circumstances without a court order. Any commercial organisation which tells you it can routinely trace your name and postal address via your IP address is lying to you.

  wee eddie 18:59 29 Jan 2008

I'm afraid that none of your arguments stand up to examination, although all of them are potentially correct.

I can't be be bothered to type out the refutations of them but they're all there earlier in the thread. You will have look for yourself. Suffice it to say that MBS have all the Bases covered.

  Forum Editor 18:46 20 Feb 2008

It might have been better to post your enquiry about WinAnonymous in a new thread - it's not related to the subject of this thread in any way.

It's here now, anyway, so let's deal with it:

click here

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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