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MBS billing

  Forum Editor 11:41 02 Sep 2007

This is a continuation of the thread that was originally posted in the Helproom. That thread ended up being 21 pages long, with over 800 posts, and has been closed. In response to requests I'm opening this here, in Consumerwatch which is a more appropriate place, so the discussion may continue.

You can read the original thread if you click here

  Forum Editor 01:06 02 Dec 2007

I'm not interested in "Bring 'em down!" It might be exciting to talk like that, but it achieves nothing.

  Forum Editor 01:17 02 Dec 2007

I believe that you monitor our goings on here, and I say to you in all seriousness - why not join us here and discuss the problems that face our forum members? We live in a free market economy, and it's legal in this country to sell access to web sites with pornographic content. If people want to look at legal porn they have every right to do so, and good luck to them.

My interest is in seeing consumers being treated like adults, and being given a fair chance to accept or reject an offer to contract. I want people to feel they entered into something with their eyes open, rather than get the impression that events somehow conspired against them. Online retailing - for that's what this is - must be done with as much transparency as possible if it is to be successful in the long run, and at the moment I have the distinct impression that MBS (and/or its clients)isn't exactly bending over backwards when it comes to providing an escape route. People ought to be asked to opt into an ongoing commitment at the end of a free trial, rather than being automatically opted in unless they actively opt out. It's all about being honourable, a lesson that all successful retailers have learnt.

I have been advised that the MBS billing system is within the law as it stands, and I say nothing about that - I make no criticism of your billing concept from that standpoint. I can, and do criticise the company for its apparently cavalier attitude towards its customers however, and its apparent lack of interest in engaging with us here, in the forum, other than the text responses that were provided to me earlier this year, in response to my request for information. It must be obvious from all the subsequent adverse publicity that there's a deep dissatisfaction on the part of the consumer as far as the operation of the micro-billing system is concerned, and it can't all be explained away by saying that people are naturally averse to 'confessing' that they've accessed a porn site.

Why not talk freely with us about the concerns shared by many - specifically the concern that your billing software has been downloaded to their computers without either their knowledge or their consent. They can't all be labouring under a delusion about this, or can they? Please tell us why so many people have this impression, and what you might be able to do by way of explanation to allay those fears. You've come in for a great deal of criticism, both in our forum and elsewhere, and in the best traditions of journalism I'm offering you a right of reply - the platform is available, all you have to do is lay the facts before us.

I'll guarantee you a fair hearing, and I'll make sure that everything you have to say is published here, as long as it doesn't compromise anyone's right to personal privacy, and doesn't take the form of a company commercial - we would prefer some plain speaking.

Here's a genuine opportunity for you to put your case to a mass audience, and to lay rumours and theories to rest. I hope you feel able to accept, and my inbox is open to you if you would like to discuss the matter privately first. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain - I'll look forward to hearing from you.

  spuds 12:16 02 Dec 2007

Thats a very interesting and inviting proposition,I wonder if Ashley Bateup and MBS will take up the challenge!!.

  Forum Editor 13:56 02 Dec 2007

Yes, there was someone who claimed to be an ex-employee, but he/she vanished when I tried to authenticate his/her bona fide status via email.

  wee eddie 14:37 02 Dec 2007

because of the many inconstancies in his postings, but he just kept on making claims which were occasionally contradictory.

  Forum Editor 22:47 12 Dec 2007

From what I know of the MBS uninstall instructions I'm fairly sure that you can follow them without any risk of them doing more harm than good.

  Forum Editor 22:50 12 Dec 2007

what happens next? You'll keep seeing pop-up bills.

If your local Citizens Advice bureau has said that you shouldn't pay or acknowledge any invoices you have a choice - either you follow their advice, or you don't.

  spuds 00:28 13 Dec 2007

For you to have received a bill, then you must have been in contact with MBS.They would not have known your details any other way.

If you ignore the bill, then MBS can include extra charges to your account, including putting the debt in the hands of a collecting agency, which could look bad on your credit records. Personally, if the Citizens Advice Bureau have told you to ignore or even acknowledge the bill, then I would go back to them and ask for further clarification. Get them to write to MBS, on your behalf. Or at least get them to draft a relevant letter for you.

  spuds 10:25 13 Dec 2007

Please read what I have stated, before informing someone else to ignore my 'personal' advice.

I only pointed out, that MBS might be or are in the possession of whosaysidid name, address etc, then they (MBS)are at liberty to take further action. Whether they do so, then thats up to MBS and whosaysidid.

As the forum editor advised in the above post, whosaysidid can "either you follow their advice, or you don't". To me it doesn't make any difference either way, what action people should take, or are advised to take. I do not have the MBS problem.

  spuds 12:36 13 Dec 2007

Its not your duty to tell me to be quiet because a problem is not my problem. The forum I believe is for open discussion, which I have been doing since the time of formation.

What I have stated is subject matter, and as such, it remains open.

Next you will be telling me not to subscribe, or give my views on the police or ambulance service, because I don't use them :O).

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