Maxell XL-II 80 CD-R

  ch0pper 15:55 18 May 2004

I bought 30 of these CD-Rs from Tesco who were doing a special offer at £3.99 for 10.

Not a bad price, I though for a branded item from a well-known and respected manufacturer - although the white tray isn't all I'd like.

Anyway, to date, I've tried to burn to 6 of these discs and each has resulted in a failure.

I'm sure it's not me, as I've also burned Sony discs very successfully over the same time frame.

I know that I can take the whole lot back to Tesco who will refund the cost.

But, has anyone else had any difficulties using this brand?

  Al94 16:37 18 May 2004

I have used Maxell cd-r80 700mb purchased from Lidl many times and have never had a failure

  Stuartli 17:37 18 May 2004

Maxell is a Hitachi brand name and I'm surprised you had any problems.

But an even better bet is Morrisons (or Safeway if still using that name) sells the superb Imation 52x CD-Rs in packs of 10 with cases at £5.99 - or three packs for £10.

I've got variants from the original 32x and 48x packs when Morrisons first began to sell the product, plus the 52x, and never had one coaster out of many dozens used.

Not surprising as they are rebranded media from pone of the world's best manufacturer in this field, Taiyo Yuden; other manufacturers who use, or have used Taiyo Yuden, include Sony and Kodak.

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