maxell dvd-r s standards have fallen

  sype 10:21 11 Jun 2006

I have been buyin maxell dvd-rs in a 50 tub from costco for quite some time now and i have been very happy with them. but the last two tubs i bought have been rubbish. im throwing away about 2 out of every 3 discs i burn. this is the same in my pc and my sony dvd recorder. just thought i would warn people to stay away from these discs.

  spuds 10:38 11 Jun 2006

Possibly a bad batch or a fault with your unit. Have you reported the matter to Costco, they may have an explanation.

I use Maxwell occasionally, but my main other branded supplies come from SVP or BigPockets. So far, just the odd coaster, which I suppose it is the norm, so to be expected.

  sype 11:09 11 Jun 2006

it possibly is a bad batch but im not going to keep buying them untill it goes away. also its not a fault with my unit because they were failing on my old advent pc my new mesh pc and my sony dvd recorder. when i put a disc in my sony dvd recorder it formats the disc ok but then will not record to it because it says the disc is dirty.

  anchor 13:52 11 Jun 2006


Go back to Costco. I have found that my local branch, (Watford), is good for returns.

It would help if you still have your original receipt. If not, they "should" be able to track your purchase on their computer. All sales are made against your customer account details.

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