Max Sherafati back running Mesh Computers

  incognitii 09:36 13 Feb 2012

Less than 8 months after walking away from customers and suppliers owed ££££ tens of thousands, Max Sherafati is back running Mesh Computers (PC Peripherals trading as....).

Mesh Computers Ltd was put into pre-pack administration on 31 May 2011. The 'business' was 'bought' by an 'ex-employee' Reza Jafari who owned PC Peripherals, a moribund components company with a net worth of less than £1,000.

By coincidence (?) Mesh PC Ltd was created on 23 May 2011 with one Director - Reza Jafari. This company remains 'active' but has not yet filed accounts.

PC Peripherals now trades as Mesh Computers. Mesh Computers Ltd remains in administration

Pc Peripherals appointed Mehrdad Yeganeh as a Director 22 Aug 2011......who registered Mesh Corporation Ltd on 21 Oct 2011 with.... Mehdi Sherafati (Max) Reza Jafari terminated his appointment as Director of PC Peripherals on 24 Nov 2011 Max Sherafati was appointed a Director of PC Peripherals on 7 Feb 2012. Did he ever really go away?

More details here

Do your research - and 'Be careful out there!'

  interzone55 11:20 13 Feb 2012

The same thing happened with Time, they went bust, then mysteriously reappeared with a slightly different name, Time UK

  SparkyJack 11:26 13 Feb 2012

All very Meshy and Timeless

In the past I have had client Limted companies walk away owing lots of money to their suppliers and customers ,only for the previous owners to come knocking on our door seeking new association. A couple tried it on with me and I politely urged them to seek new suppliers.

  spuds 12:44 14 Feb 2012

The problem is that ex-customers, employees, some suppliers, creditors might see wrong in this, the laws of the land see it differently!.

Tempo Superstores (now defunct) and a few other business's readily springs to mind!.

  961 16:18 14 Feb 2012


You are so right

Phoenix firms spring up from the ashes

All the assets, ashes of the debts

Plumbers, Double Glazing, Some old firms

  interzone55 17:20 14 Feb 2012


Does the last bit of your post refer to a football club?

  finerty 16:10 15 Feb 2012

I wonder if you can do this football clubs that into Administration

  finerty 16:11 15 Feb 2012

Sparky Jack you should of charged them and made sure they paid you rather than you pay them

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