Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert site

  GaT7 23:53 04 Apr 2005

A useful website for saving money from phone calls to remortgaging to the best credit card & broadband deals from the "Mad Maveric MoneySaving Maniac" himself! click here

Also has a forum click here so registered members are free to post the best deals as they become available or known. G

An excerpt from the 'About the site' page:

"It's about saving money on anything and everything – finding the best deals and beating the system. There are pejorative articles and guides detailing the best methods and products, plus the Chat Forum is a focus for tens of thousands of MoneySavers discussing the ultimate deals and helping each other save.

There's even been a specific motion click here in the House of Commons to commend the work of this site."

  TOPCAT® 00:41 05 Apr 2005

to Martin's site and emails. Used his insurance link and saved quite a packet on my car insurance for this year. You have to input quite a few details about yourself, but the end result was I received quotes from EIGHTEEN insurers. Some others declined to quote!

It is to be hoped that the MPs do more than just commend Martin's work. Far better they sort out these high bank profits, charging to withdraw your own money from these ATMs and other monetary ills of this world.

Anyone like to vote for TC? Guaranteed to put the country to rights! :o) TC.

  Sapins 09:19 05 Apr 2005

Will you accept postal votes?

  TOPCAT® 11:53 05 Apr 2005

Yes, but they must be independently vetted! :o)

TC - FPFC party - Fair Play For Consumers!

  anniel 18:19 05 Apr 2005

I have saved a lot of money using the International calls savers...I ring Australia for a penny per minute and St Lucia for 5p per minute...amazing savings!!

  TomJerry 10:30 06 Apr 2005

whoever tabled the motion is really a embrassment for British politics

  suzie005 17:55 06 Apr 2005

been a member since last summer and saved Crossbow7 says.the 'chat forums'( bottom left hand side) are where u need 2 b.that's where all the up2 date bargains are.

  GaT7 18:55 06 Apr 2005

many of you lot here are far ahead of me on this one :0) I only discovered the site recently.

Good to know that you've actually benefitted from the info on the site & provided the specific sevices, items, etc that you've made savings on.

LONG live the FPFC party, I say! TC, address required for the postal vote, but cannot provide any sort of independent vetting, I'm afraid, unless you're willing to pay ; ) G

  TOPCAT® 12:42 07 Apr 2005

and is of help for those clinically insane - oops! I mean ill - and who are paying for their prescriptions. I'm sure all this electoral hype we are to endure will possibly make some more ill than others. From Martin's computations this could save you some money. ;o) TC.

click here,

  Stuartli 18:07 07 Apr 2005

Six MPs highlight ways in which people can save money with the motion: " That this House commends the activities of those persons and groups dedicated to assisting members of the public get value for money in purchases, insurance, overdrafts and mortgages; and recognises that money saving experts like Martin Lewis at click here provides, on a not-for-profit basis, an incentive for ordinary consumers to pressurise large providers and financial institutions to hold down prices to the general public"

....and you complain?

It's a way of letting those who may be unaware of such help on how to make the Internet work for them in many different and cost effective ways.

  gabriella 19:03 07 Apr 2005

It's a fantastic site and he also does a good spot each week on Jeremy Vine's BBC2 Radio show.

Gabriella x

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