March issue of PCA-Nora Diniro? where to get prog.

  charmed1 18:27 05 Jan 2004

in march's edition of PCA there was an artical "confessions of a TV downloader" Nora Diniro said ( i quote "It doesnt take that long to download if you know where to look........"

Well where does she look. Filesharers such as Kazaa Lite still take a while to download single programmes.
If anyone else knows where to look i would be gratefull as i too am an american TV fan, but not a fan of waiting!

  GibsonSt19 09:29 09 Jan 2004

But it sounds like piracy of some form has something to do with it.

Correct me if I'm wrong?!

  charmed1 11:35 09 Jan 2004

please dont post a message unless u have info or the answer.

  urban gorilla 15:10 09 Jan 2004

If the ISP's are going to start to add on charges for content then it's time for internet access to be free and everyone paying for the content they use.
the internet should be compared to a high street and the content providers the shops.
would you pay to walk on the high street to browse in the shops?

we the consumers should pay a one off set up fee for connection and equipment then no other fees ie call charges or rental.
the isp's can make their money by charging a commision for each item or service purchased by the person who they connected up.

  Jester2K 15:24 09 Jan 2004

I think you'll find that the information wasn't give in the mag as it break copyright law to download programs in this manner.

The information will not appear here for the same reason.

Work it out... (Nora Diniro = slang for "No Money" isn't it??)

  urban gorilla 15:50 09 Jan 2004

sorry, i posted my previous comment in this thread in error.

fe. is there way of shifting it to the correct thread where you asked for our opinions on paying extra for broadband content?

  charmed1 15:51 09 Jan 2004

4got about that

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