[email protected] 13:15 22 Sep 2008

i was just clearing up and found a motherboard and cpu bundle i bought over a year ago, i had completely forgotten about it. it was a amd 6000 and ecs motherboard, i bought it for a second build. i only used it for 2 days it kept locking up and the motherboard temperature was far too high, i contacted ecs who told me the cpu (125watt) wasnt supported by the motherboard and clear enough it wasnt.
so i boxed it back up and emailed maplins to ask why they were selling this, they still are but with the 95 watt cpu.
3 months later i got a we are looking into this email, a month later i emailed them asking what was happening and to this day this unusable motherboard bundle has sat in a cupboard! i know i should have taken it straight back to the shop but i didnt. pretty poor service though.

  version8 13:57 22 Sep 2008

If you acted straight away you would have been able to get your money back, but with such a long time lapsed then you really do not have any come back.

The service offered by Maplins is normally very good.

  [email protected] 14:02 22 Sep 2008

i dont want my money back really i can use both parts, just not together. i wanted an explanation as to why i was sold it as a 'bundle'

  spuds 14:38 22 Sep 2008

At once upon a time, Maplins had a very good 'live on-line' chat section, but I haven't seen it around lately. In my own experience, emails seem to go unanswered.

  interzone55 20:11 22 Sep 2008

Simple explanation, human error. They bundled an incompatible CPU with a motherboard.

You emailed them and pointed this out, whilst they didn't offer you an exchange they have changed the CPU.

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