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Malware bytes fake key warning

  martd7 08:26 22 Mar 2019

Thought I would post to let you all know that my MWB premium lifetime license has been revoked by MWB for being fake,it was purchased 3years ago from eBay,I had no idea it was fake,rep tells me thousands of users have the same code

According to the MWB rep it's fake if not purchased from MWB,it is £29.99 for a year now

  john bunyan 08:40 22 Mar 2019

I bought 3 “wholesale “ lifetime MBAM licences from a repair/ software supplier in Isle of Wight about 6 years ago . 2 are going strong; 1 was stopped by MBAM on trying to move to a new PC. It is certainly an area where a lot of fake licenses are about.

  martd7 09:03 22 Mar 2019

In their email the rep has said leave it with him they may make me an "offer" ,I paid £14.99 for the key never thought for a minute it was fake

  lotvic 20:37 22 Mar 2019

Background info on Lifetime licences on thread on click here

  martd7 21:59 22 Mar 2019

Thanks Lotvic

  x13 00:53 23 Mar 2019

Lifetime licences are still honoured by Malwarebytes regardless where bought. Their servers are programed for this. Unfortunately they have employed a company who advise on how to make profits and that is also totally acceptable. Unfortunately they get more aggressive as time goes on.

So my tip is - whenever Microsoft shows a Cumulative Update - or a new version via Windows update - (always check manually) - then deactivate your licence for Malwarebtes before continuing the Windows' new version/upgrade. Obviously record, whatever form you use, your I.D. (if you have one) and Licence key.

  martd7 14:55 24 Mar 2019

Thats good idea but mines been stopped because ive transferred it to my new PC,and yeah i did deactivate it

Still awaiting Malwarebytes offer,noticed today even Amazon are still selling the MWB keys as are G2A at under £10 far cheaper than MWB itself

  wee eddie 15:15 24 Mar 2019

I've always assumed the "lifetime" referred to was the "lifetime of the PC", rather than the "lifetime of its Owner"

  john bunyan 17:40 24 Mar 2019

No; I have 2 lifetime licenses . On the desktop I deactivated one on the old PC and it reactivated OK on a new one. The same on a laptop. However the laptop had a motherboard failure and was replaced by Dell under warranty so I could not deactivate it. I contacted MBAM with copies of the e mails from Dell confirmating what had happened and that they would wipe the HDD . MBAM allowed a reactivate on the replacement. A third lifetime licence I had on a granddaughter’s laptop failed to transfer as MBAM stopped it , suggesting it was not genuine. I bought all 3 from a repair place who said they were genuine “wholesale “ licences that MBAM sold off quite a few years ago.

  martd7 09:05 25 Mar 2019

I have had a response from MWB they are offering 2yrs for the price of one so I think I will be accepting the offer

Thanks to everyone for your help

  Forum Editor 16:49 25 Mar 2019

That's what I like to see...

A good discussion, views exchanged, and a satisfying resolution at the end. Thread ticked - job done. If only they could all be like that.

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