Making a will - software packages

  georgemac 11:23 13 Mar 2004

We already have a will (not complex) drawn up by a solicitor (Scotland) but feel we now have to make changes to it.

Instead of going through it all again with a solicitor, I was wondering if anyone had used any of the software packages which are available for making a will by yourself?

Does anyone have any recommendations for software or is it better just to go to the solicitor again, or could I use my exisiting one as a base model and draft a new one myself, then have it signed and witnessed?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:58 13 Mar 2004

There is no obligation to use a solicitor and a self-penned will holds just as much legality as one drawn up by a solicitor.

Couple of things though.....ensure that it is witnessed by someone who receives no benefit from the will and who has no connection with ANY beneficiary. You MUST be specific in the will and be as clear as possible to help the executor and to stop any squabbles. It is no use saying that the clock in the lounge is for our 'enry, you have to describe the clock (the longcase, bretherton clock) and the exact name of the beneficiary. It is a good idea to name the executor as well. The executor for probate can be a bank, solicitor or ANY individual. Rather interestingly I did all the probate for a relatives will. We were quoted around £8k by a cost me £134 and three hours of my time to do, sans solicitor ;-))) (2 hours of that was tramping to Gloucester, to swear in front of a commissioner that I was not telling any porkies ;-)) )

You can buy will templates from WHSmith as well. Asuming that the will is not complicated and you do not have a raft of shell companies in St Lucia or loads of filthy lucre entombed under the dog kennel, you will be OK.

  tbh72 12:09 13 Mar 2004

Staples & PC World have these carosel racks of cheap software. I found an excellent will package amongst them for about £6.00.

The software allows printed copies of wills and electronically stored wills which can be amended & reprinted when required. I'll see if I can't find you a link to the product.

  tbh72 12:10 13 Mar 2004

click here

There you go.

  spuds 14:18 13 Mar 2004

You have to be a little selective on some of these will making programmes.Some can lead to errors, which will only surface at a later date. Like an item that as not been described correctly, or not making adjustments for possible events that have been overlooked now.

Here is a few sites that could perhaps help click here click here click here click here click here

  spuds 14:24 13 Mar 2004

Faulty second link above click here

  spuds 14:26 13 Mar 2004

I will get this right click here

  Al94 15:09 13 Mar 2004

Don't do it yourself, there is potentially too much at stake. A poorly made will can nearly be worse than none at all. This can be more complex than it may seem to the lay person. Get it done by a good reputable solicitor (not suggesting any are other than that) but naturally some are better than others.

  ROCKHARD 15:23 13 Mar 2004

I agree with the above advice from Al94 - I am an adviser for the local Citizens Bureau & clients have asked about making their own will (mainly to save money). They are advised of the pitfalls of 'doing it yourself' and the problems that could result for the executors of the will. Best advice - shop around a few solicitors to obtain quotes AND to save time & money make a list of your wishes BEFORE you meet the solicitor. Hope this is of some help - there's probably an item on this subject on the CAB web-site.

  Diemmess 16:45 13 Mar 2004

Which, publish a very good paperback called Wills and Probate.

They too emphasise the importance of avoiding costly errors, but do go to some lengths to explain what is straightforwardand OK for DIY

They explain where danger lies in the details of a complex estate, they will suggest some of the things ways others have already suggested aboout getting best professional help.

I haven't dared make my own Will, but have saved a huge amount of family money by doing the other thing, seeking Probate as an executor on three separate occasions. That is really worth doing.

  BigAl127 21:31 13 Mar 2004

Age concern (England) offer a will writing service to persons of all ages. Or a codicil can be added to an existing will. I don't know about Scotland though, but could be well worth you checking out the possibility.

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